The Conquest: Episode 3

Turkeyasylum Finch: Last time on The Conquest, the 24 contestants battled it out in their first challenge, where they had to swim with the invasive, Asian Carp! While some got hit in the face, others earned their team a house, and others *Cough* EpicJake *Cough* got eliminated. What's the challene gonna be? Who will lose? Find out on The Conquest!

(At 6:00 AM)

JaysTop10List: We better not lose next time.

CartoonsGirl: I totally agree. Losing a teammate sucks!

OtakuGamergirl: No offense, but even the Doom Song wasn't enough to make up for it.

Toptensjackson1: Yeah, what would you expect from a song that is basically the word "doom" over and over again?

CartoonsGirl: I don't think you understand...

Letdot52: Why are we in the woods anyways?

Username34: I kind of wonder that, too.

Garythesnail: Yeah, and we are with some stranger we have never even seen before, too!

HezarioSeth: He looks like one of the people I hacked before going on this show...

Finch: Hello everyone, I am Finch. I will be hosting the rest of the show after Admin got fired. Admin's Asian Carp challenge was illegal, so that is why he was fired.

Kiteretsunu: Wait, where's team Britgirl Is Super Hot?

Keyson: I'd love to know that...

Finch: Still sleeping in their beds.

Cazaam: They get beds? They are really lucky!

Finch: So, we have a new way of doing the show now. Each challenge will be worth points. First place gets 50, second 30, third 20, and last 10. Those points get added to the other points you accumulate throughout the season. The team who gets the most points in that day wins a reward. The team with the least TOTAL points gives someone the boot.

Andre56: Won't a team that's way behind have a hard time catching up, though?

Finch: Yes.

Britboy: Hi! Guess what I found out? Walking backwards is the same thing as walking forwards, but the other way!

SelfDestrcut: No, you don't say!

Alexcousins: I knew real sleep would give me SOME energy!

Finch: Also, the points from the last challenge you had will count.

Letdot52: Guess what I got in CardboardBox today? My dog Puga here!

Puga: Bark!

(Puga excessively licks his owner)

Letdot52: Who's a good doggy? You're a good doggy Puga!

Andre56: It's so cute!

(Andre56 goes up to pet Puga, but Puga bites Andre56)


Finch: Sorry, but Puga will be safe and sound, I will send him to one of my friends. I will have to take him away to be tested for rabies.

Letdot52: Fine...

Andre56: At least he won't bite me any more...

Finch: So, time for breakfast! Pork!

Wolftail: Are you sure this is pork?

Username34: It doesn't look that appealing, I don't want to eat it.

Simpsondude: Pork? For breakkie?

PositronWildhawk: What's the challenge?

Finch: To find these 4 types of rocks: Schist, Granite, Limestone, and Coquina! You will only have an udderly useless ecology guide with you to help.

BlueDiamondFromNowhere: Where are the rocks! And how will an ecology guide help us?

Garythesnail: Isn't it geology that studies rocks?

Finch: Oops...

Funnyuser: Can we get geology books?

Finch: Nope, it's not in the budget.

SevenLizards: Come on!

Finch: Begin the challenge!

(Confession)Andre56: I hope that Puga dog will learn I am better than he thinks!

(Confession)Britboy: The perfect chance to win that lady over!

(Confession)SelfDestruct: I have a plan... I'm gonna pull a couple idiots on my team into an alliance, where they will screw the team up!

SelfDestruct: Hey Username34, Andre56, I'd like to take you into the final 3.

Both: OK!

SelfDestruct: But to prove your loyalty, do nothing for the team this challenge!

Username34: But, the points...

SelfDestruct: I don't care!

Britboy: I have something to say to you, Britgirl: Roses are red, violets are blue, Fire is red, ice is blue, your bruises are purple.

Britgirl: (While chuckling) I love that poem!

Britboy: Just like I love you...

Keyson: Hey Britgirl. I found an extra Coquina. Want it?

Britgirl: Sure! Thank you!

Kiteretsunu: Hey Finch, we have all the rocks.

Finch: There are only 3 rocks here...

BlieDiamondFromNowhere: Actually, Coquina is a type of Limestone, so we did technically find the 4 required rocks.

Finch: OK, Team Potato Block wins!

Funnyuser: What do we win?

Finch: The same house Team Britgirl has!

Keyson: So we can get some sleep?

Finch: Yep!

All on the team: YES!

CartoonsGirl: We have the rocks!

Finch: Team Breadwinners gets 2nd!

Toptensjackson1: We are called THE Breadwinners.

SuperHyperdude: Andre56, you should actually help your team!

Andre56: Not right now, I am making my way to the final 3!

SuperHyperdude: By doing nothing?

Andre56: Yep. Life's great, isn't it?

SuperHyperdude: You downright suck at everything!

Andre56: (Walks Away without saying a word)

SelfDestruct: So why are you so demented anyway?

PositronWildhawk: Mahbe because I have a life?

SelfDestruct: I do, too! I work at McDonald's!

PositronWildhawk: Do you know anything about quantum physics?

SelfDestruct: Quantum Say What?

PositronWildhawk: Never mind. What about martial arts?

SelfDestruct: Sure. Let's each bet our rocks for it.

Username34: Stop! We need to turn in the rocks! You are on the same team, right?

PositronWildhawk: Oh yeah...

SelfDestruct: Here's our rocks, the 2 of us have them!

Finch: Nice you get Third!

Finch: Now for the total points results:

The Breadwinners: 40

Team Didney Worl: 50

Team Britgirl Is Super Hot: 50

Team Potato Block: 70

Finch: So, The Breadwinners lose. Again!

The Breadwinners Members: Come on!

(Confession)Toptensjackson1: Time to throw someone under the bus!

Toptensjackson1: Hey Jays, CartoonsGirl, did you know OtakuGamergirl was the ONLY one who didn't find any rocks?

CartoonsGirl: OK then...

JaysTop10List: Why did you tell us thay?

Toptensjackson1: Because she's a weak link!

(OtakuGamergirl walks into the scene)

OtakuGamergirl: Hey, what you talking about?

Toptensjackson1: Voting off Letdot52.

OtakuGamergirl: Maybe we should send YOU home, Toptensjackson! You're nothing but an annoying fraud!

(Confession)JaysTop10List: Now I'm stuck in the fence...

Finch: Welcome to elimination! Today's immunity token: Mozart chocolates!

Letdot52: Why are the wrappers blue and clear?

Finch: These are the original Mozart chocolates! They are found exclusively in Germany. The red and yellow wrappers have different recipes! CartoonsGirl, JaysTop10List, and Toptensjackson1 get them first!

Them: YAY!

Finch: Now, who will be going home... the last chocolate goes to...

(Confession)Letdot52: Oh dear...

(Confession)OtakuGamergirl: I am worried.

Finch: OtakuGamergirl!

Letdot52: WHAT?!

JaysTop10List: I am SO sorry? We had no other option!


OtakuGamergirl: You were TRYING to get me out?!

Toptensjackson1: Oops...

(Letdot52 walks away)

OtakuGamergirl: I knew you were a fraud!

Toptensjackson1: I am NOT a fraud!

OtakuGamergirl: That's it! I don't want to deal with bullies like you anymore!

Toptensjackson1: You're blind! You are the bully here!

Finch: How will the drama effect the teams? Find out next time on The Conquest!


I'm confused. Was I voted out? Whatever :) I'll just go home with my dog. - letdot52