The Conquest: Episode 5

Turkeyasylum CerealGuy: Last time on The Conquest, I took over the show as Finch made the show really boring! The challenge of Screw Your Neighbor Capture The Flag provoked some of the funniest fails in the show. The rivalries kept developing, and there was a fight at Team Didney Worl's dinner. The Breadwinners lost again... no suprise, and in a surprise reverse elimnation CartoonsGirl got the boot. I finally decided to merge The Breadwinners into the other teams. What will the challenge be? Who will lose? Who will become the first surprise hook-up? Find out now on The Conquest!

(Back at the corrupted country)

Letsdot52: Hey, Melinda, whay do you think about some pug for dinner?

Melinda: Yay! That's my favorite type of dog!

Puga: Bark! Bark!

(Thinking)Puga: Don't eat me! Don't slaughter me!

(Someone knocks on letsdot52's house)

Mailman: Hey, that dog of yoirs, it was delivered to the wrong house. We need to take him back.

Letsdot52: Fine...

Mailman: OK, to letdot52's house this goes!

(Back in The Conquest)

Cazaam: Hey Jays, welcome to the team!

JaysTop10List: Thanks!

CerealGuy: Now before you go to bed, I would like to a-

Toptensjackson1: CAN I GO TO BED NOW?

CerealGuy: Award Team Didney Worl the same house the other teams have!

HezarioSeth: Does it come with a computer?

CerealGuy: Remember, it doesn't. I use the power of the number 10 to go on the Internet.

HezarioSeth: What's the power? What is it?

CerealGuy: Everyone! Go to bed, now!

Toptensjackson1: Finally!

(In the morning, at the dining lodge)

OtakuGamergirl: Weird, this food tastes like... fraud.

Garythesnail: Speaking of fraud, where is he anyway?

CerealGuy: On your plates!

Everyone: Eww!

Britgirl: Do you know how illegal that is?

Andre56: You're a devil!

SuperHyperdude: Just, go die in a (Bleep)ing hole!

CerealGuy: Actually, Toptensjackson1 is here. I just told you you were eating him to scare you.

Toptensjackson1: I got a cut while helping Chef here cook, and some of the blood fell into the food.


SevenLizards: Don't tell me. I'd like to not vomit today.

Alexcousins: Not funny dude. Not funny.

Britboy: What's the next challenge? Mating with the one you love?

CerealGuy: No. It's a challenge called "3 rooms". Your team will pick a room to stay in for as long as possible. The first person to leave loses for their entire team. Beware, some rooms are scarier or more annoying than others!

Keyson: Oh great, what's next?

Britgirl: I have no idea. By the way, I love the way you're so calm and open, Keyson.

Keyson: Thanks! I love your personality!

(Britgirl and Keyson hug)

Britboy: Come on! That was supposed to be me! Then we would kiss, own an organism without a knee, and then get married!

Wolftail: Don't worry, there's billions of fish in the sea.

Britboy: But she's the only good one!

CerealGuy: Now, team Didney Worl, pick a door.

Andre56: I'vd got some good vibes about the last one.

PositronWildhawk: I actually want the second one. It seems the calmest.

JaysTop10List: I actually agree with Andre56.

Username34: Same here.

SelfDestruct: Door 3 it is!

(Team Didney Worl goes into the last door)

Britgirl: Let's go into the first door!

Simpsondude: No, tne second door.

Alexcousins: First is the worst, second is the best...

Britboy: The second one is pink, which is relaxing...

OtakuGamergirl: Let's do the second one!

(Team Britgirl Is Super Hot Goes Through The Last One)

BlueDiamondFromNowhere: Guess that leaves the old, rickety first door...

(Team Potato Block Gors Through The First Door)

(In door 3)

Andre56: What the heck? There's nothing her-

(Andre56 falls through a trap door)

HezarioSeth: I know, ri-

(Falls through trap door)

Cazaam: How is this even lega-

PositronWildhawk: Really? Reall-

SelfDestruct: Ha ha! He fe-

Username34: Where did you guys-

JaysTop10List: Hello? Hel-

(They all fell through trap doors)

(In door 2)

Britgirl: There's the organism without a knee you wanted!

Britboy: An anaconda? Really?

(The song Anaconda starts playing)


Alexcousins: Stop it, Nicki!

Britgirl: We are overreacting a little, but this song still sucks!

(In door 1)

Wolftail: Hey! This isn't so bad! It's just the trailers we were in earlier!

Funnyuser: Except they seem like they are 1980's type trailers instead...

(Sprinkler turns on)

Kiteretsunu: Please! Don't let us drown!

(In door 3)

Andre56: Where are we?

SelfDestruct: I don't know, but whag's that wheat doing there?

Andre56: We're in Nebraska!

PositronWildhawk: No we are not. This show takes place in the British Columbia.

Cazaam: Yeah, but that guy looks pretty upset...

DoraYes_EpicJakeNo: Hello, all you people who got me kicked out! You will be my slaves, I hate you all!

HezarioSeth: Yeah, right.

(In door 1)

Wolftail: Everyone! Don't talk! Let's conserve oxygen!

(The water keeps rising up)

(In door 2)

Britboy: Hey, Britgirl, isn't this really romantic?

Britgirl (Sarcastic): Yeah, it totally is...

(Confession, the cntestant is on crutches)Cazaam: I knew this wouldn't be fun... I mean come on, it's slavery!

(In door 3)

Cazaam: Hey, DoraYes_EpicJakeNo, could you take it lighter?

DoraYes_EpicJakeNo: Hey, what did you say? You're going down!

(He sends out assistants that beat him up)

HezarioSeth: Not cool! I'm leaving!

DoraYes_EpicJakeNo: Exit's over there!

PositronWildhawk: Come on! I don't wanna get hurt!

SelfDestruct: I don't wanna lose! Andre56, Username34, force them to stay here!

Andre56 and Username34: Come on! We need to win!

(HezarioSeth, PositronWildhawk, JaysTop10List, and Cazaam {Carried by PW} leave)

Username34: We already lost, let's leave!

Andre56: Yeah, I agree.

SelfDestruct: Fine... you guys need to do better next time!

(In door 1)

Wolftail: The door's locked!

BlueDiamondFromNowhere: I'm going through the window!

Funnyuser: Didn't you say not to talk?

Wolftail: Oops...

(BlueDiamondFrimNowhere opens the window and leaves)

Kiteretsunu: Why did you leave?

Garythesnail: We could have just opened the window to drain the water!

BlueDiamondFromNowhere: Don't worry, we beat Team Didney Worl!

(CerealGuy announces the results, and everyone leaves their rooms safely)

CerealGuy: So, I decided to scrap the points! Team Britgirl Is Super Hot Won a reward: $10 each to spend on snacks!

Everyone on the team: YES!

OtakuGamergirl: Finally! We win a reward!

CerealGuy: Team Didney Worl lost, now you guys will have to kick someone off!

Cazaam: Has anyone seen a red horse with green hair?

JaysTop10List: We will take him to the infirmary...

(At the Team Didney Worl's house)

PositronWildhawk: SelfDestruct has got to go! He deleted all the Deadmau5 off my MP3!

JaysTop10List: He takes things a bit too far...

SelfDestruct: Alliance, we are voting PositronWildhawk off!

Andre56: Ok.

Username34: Anything to be in the final 3!

(At the elimination)

CerealGuy: Alright, the votes are in, and for some reason, Cazaam voted for number 10! How dare you!

(Someone hands CerealGuy a note)

CerealGuy: I have been informed that Cazaam's injurines will pull him out of the game.

PositronWildhawk: But SelfDestruct deleted all my Deadmau5 on my MP3! Could you take him out too?

CerealGuy: Nope, because you two tied in votes. If he goes, so do you.

PositronWildhawk: Never mind...

(Cazaam is evacuated off the show)

CerealGuy: Alright, what will the next challenge be? Will Cazaam get what he deserves for voting for number 10? Will-

Andre56: Ow! That BE JUST STUNG ME!

Will Britgirl and Keyson continue to be star-crossed lovers? Find out next time on The Conquest!


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