TheTopTens Community: Episode 1 (Culprit)

Turkeyasylum (Set in A Documentary)
Admin: Welcome to this city known as TheTopTens! We have all the accomodations you'll need!
?: Thank you. I have wanted to move in here for forever!
Admin: We're a cooperative community! Also, we're very helpful. Now, to assign you a name. Which do you want?
?: Is Munsing4 taken?
Admin: Nope! It's all yours now!
Munsing4: Thanks!
Admin: Now for your house! We've got many different types for different statuses.
Munsing4: Who's in that really nice house at the top?
Admin: It's occupied by 2 users known as Britgirl and Keyson. They hold top status here. PositronWildhawk's house is right below it.
Munsing4: When will I get one?
Admin: It will take years...
Munsing4: I'll work for it. Now what about these houses? They look pretty big!
Admin: Those are owned by users that are more experienced, and more reknowned. Like, that blue one is owned by a user known as SuperHyperdude!
Munsing4: Where do I stay?
Admin: In TheTopTens tenement apartments.
Munsing4: Like, the ones from the Great Depression?
Admin: No. They are much nicer than THOSE. You will stay here for the first week. You will live with 3 other people. Here they are, P1plup, Freedumz, and TakingCareOfBusiness!
Munsing4: Nice to meet you guys!
Admin: And, you will all be in building 4, section 2, floor 1, suite 5.
Freedumz: Cool!

Admin: That is an average starting story for a TopTenner's beginning. And months later, some get popular and others are unknown to the community.

(Set In Modern-Day TheTopTens)
Mayor Admin: Do you think our video's good to go, Finch?
Finch: Uh... I would have to say yes. Let's release it as education on how users came in.
aFinch: I also think it was great!
Admin: Well, let's rele-
(Tips over conputer by accident, and it breaks)
Admin: Oh, crap! Now we can't give this to the schools! Let's head off to the Crysis electronics store!

(At the electronic store)
HeavyDonkeyKong: Hello there! Looking for anything specific, mister Admin?
Admin: Can I order a Hezario Ivore?
HeavyDonkeyKong: Sure, we'll get it to you in a week!
Admin: A WEEK?!
HeavyDonkeyKong: We got robbed yesterday, after we closed.
Magnolia: They too all of our computers. As well as headphones, tablets, laptops, MP3s, video games, gaming consoles, earbu-
Admin: I get it.
Magnolia: You'll pay when you get it. It will cost $10,582.82.
Admin: OK. Bye.

(At Britgirl's Mansion)
Keyson: I think we should throw a party.
Britgirl: We should invite PW, Cazaam, Kiteretsunu, and MatrixGuy to the party.
Keyson: I'll go drive my Lambourghini Bugatti to PW first, then everyone else.
Britgirl: OK!
Keyson: Where are the keys... and the car?
Britgirl: Should I just call you "on" from now on, ON?
Keyson: No, someone robbed us!
Britgirl: I was joking with you...
Keyson: I'll walk now...

(In News Report)
ChefSquidward: We have had a series of crimes, in Crysis Electronic store, and Britgirl's and Keyson's Lamboughini! All of the stuff in Crysis is gone! And, Britgirl and Keyson are now driving a Ford Mustang! So, they still do have a car... but to Britgirl:
Brirgirl: They took our car! Back to you, ChefSquidward.
ChefSquidward: Now to Crysis, the owner of Crysis Electronics:
Crysis: They took our stuff, all of it. Don't get how, but they must have had a HUGE truck. Back to you, ChefSquidward.
ChefSquidward: In conclusion, a lot of stuff was stolen.

(At BDFN's house)
BDFN (Really Bad Acting): I will eat on china today. Oh no, my china is gone! Oh no!
SammySpore (Also Bad Acting): Don't let people take your stuff. Buy SammySpore Insurance!
(This was all on JaysTop10List's TV, and he is watching SpongeBob with Garythesnail and PatrickStar)
Garythesnail: I've seen this commercial a lot. SammySpore must REALLY want us to buy their insurance...
PatrickStar: And my rates went up because I live near Britgirl. I hate these thefts.
JaysTop10List: I'll find out who's doing this.

(At an assembly lead by JaysTop10List)
JaysTop10List: We will, as a community' find out who is taking our stuff away!
SevenLizards: We will.
Turkeyasylum: How about we do this: we could make three groups of us. I have groups set up:
1) ArchAces, SevenLizards, JaysTop10List.
2) Me, Letdot52, ruJILLous.
3) Kiteretsunu, BDFN, Simpsondude.
CreativeLover93: Can I join?
Turkeyasylum: You will be in group 2.
Beans: And me, too?
Turkeyasylum: You can be in group 1. So, group 1 will check out Crysis, group 2 will check out Britgirl's, and the last group will interview people. Got it?
All: Yep!

(At Crysis Electronics)
JaysTop10List: Hm... let's see. We've got a fingerprint here.
Beans: There's a note here, too!
SevenLizards: Come on, then. Let's read it!
Beans: Uh... it says "I took your stuff. Except for the anime section.".
JaysTop10List: Then he must not like anime...
SevenLizards: Who doesn't like anime then?

(At Britgirl's Mansion)
Letdot52: There's nothing here! Uggh!
Turkeyasylum: Guess what I found! The keys to the Bugatti!
CreativeLover93: And they left the toolbox open in the garage...
ruJILLous: That's interesting.
Letdot52: Why would you leave a toolbox open, too?
Turkeyasylum: Bet they took tools as well.
ruJILLous: But the car was running just fine!
Letdot52: I'm clueless on where the car went.

(At Crysis)
ArchAces: What the heck is a screwdriver doing at an electronics store?
SevenLizards: Just, why?
Beans: Yeah, thay's what I was asking. But maybe it's the mechanics store next door leaking into it.
JaysTop10List: Yeah, I know someone who works at both those places... CREATIVELOVER93!
Beans: (GASP)!

(Group 3, With Magnolia)
BDFN: So, what was your reaction to the stuff getting taken?
Magnolia: I was surprised! But the person for some reason left behind turkey, baked beans, and a chocolate full of hearts. Maybe it's their symbol...
Kiteretsunu: Do you work with any "shady" people?
Magnolia: Well... CreativeLover93 argued with me over the arrangement of the CDs... apparently Deadmau5 shouldn't go next to Keith Urban. Is that an answer?
Simpsondude: Any suspects?
Magnolia: NOPE!

(At the police station, with all groups and a few cops)
Cop 1: CreativeLover93, you're under arrest!
CreativeLover93: But it wasn't me!
Simpsondude: Oh, yes it is!
Letdot52: You betrayer!
Turkeyasylum: Why you gotta do this?
ArchAces: Seriously, that was mean!
JaysTop10List: Hope you learn your lesson in jail!
SevenLizards: Finnaly! The dodo head is arrested!
ruJILLous: But we were friends!
Kiteretsunu: No wonder why... you wanted to mislead us.
BDFN: That was mean.
Beans: Yeah, it was... but not done by her. I did it, alright? I crashed my car by accident, and wanted a new one. So, I stole Britgirl's Buggati, and drove it with a screwdriver. Then, I went to Crysis to steal some stuff to sell for money. But since I HATE anime, I left that alone. Then, I dropped the screwdrover to play around with you guys. I know it was wrong... but I regret it now. I will gladly take a few years in jail to make up for it.
Cop 2: Yeah, I'll put you in jail, alright!
Cop 3: Wait... he owed up to it! Gove him a second chance!
Cop 1: Yeah!
CreativeLover93: Thanks for admitting, Beans! I didn't want to go to jail just for being framed!
Beans: No problem. Had no clue what went to me.
ArchAces: I'm sorry for thinking you were the culprit.
All: I'm also sorry.
CreativeLover93: Oh, thank you! I accept all your apologies!
BDFN (In monotonous voice): I will eat on china today. Oh no, my-
BDFN (In regular voice): Haha! Just kidding!
All: Phew...
Admin: So, we got the case solved, now we've got just one thing to do: PARTY!
Britgirl: Do we get our Bugatti back?
Beans: Yeah, I'll give it back, along with all the stuff I took from Crysis!

Turkeyasylum: Thanks for watching! Also, feel free to suggest plot ideas below for a special!

Next episode: You guys suggest, as stated above.


Note: The series is a sugfestion by Animefan12. Give him credit for the idea, not me. - Turkeyasylum

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