Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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241 SevenLizards Gets Stuck in Arthur's World

I'm the person who ACTUALLY made that comment that SevenLizards being trapped in Arthur's world would be funny, but some idiot replied to that comment pretending to be me, because he apparently doesn't find it funny and apologizing for it. I did not say it would be funny in real life, I said it would be funny for an EPISODE, and I have nothing to apologize for.

The reason I'm not using the reply function is because now it says I have to log in to reply to comments. Stupid TheTopTens people.

It would be funny for an episode, SevenLizards is watching T.V. and as he flips through the channels, Arthur is on and SevenLizards gets sucked in, and ends up in Arthur's world! How will he get out?

Here's the plot: SevenLizards is watching T.V. and is flipping through the channels. He flips to PBS Kids and Arthur is on. SevenLizards then tries to go to the next channel and continue on. But then a black hole appears in the T.V. and SevenLizards gets sucked in and ends up in Arthur's world! He tries to jump out of the T.V. , but he just ends up smacking his face into the screen and looks like an idiot. It is now up to EpicJake to get SevenLizards out of Arthur's world.

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242 Jackie Evancho Visits TheTopTens
243 Turkeyasylum's Modern Life

Really? A ripoff of Rocko's Modern Life? It s a good show, but really? Let me guess what's next, JaysTop10List's Home For Imaginary Friends? - Turkeyasylum

244 IronSabbathPriest Meets Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath And Judas Priest
245 PositronWildhawk goes to McDonald's V 1 Comment
246 JaysTop10List's Home For Imaginary Friends

Now, we know there's a troll tarnishing this list. - Turkeyasylum

Can I be bloo please - TheKirbyCreeper999

Huh? - JPK

247 Turkeyasylum Breaks up With Britgirl

I wasn't even dating her in the first place. - Turkeyasylum

No offense, Turkeyasylum, but I'm desperately trying not to laugh - QuarterGuysApprentice

248 Curious Keyson

That'll be lame. I'm sure nobody would want to turn Keyson into a monkey. - Poptropica

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249 SevenLizards Breaks up With Turkeyasylum

Since when have they been together? - PatrickStar

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250 Battle For Cosmo Island

I get it. Battle for Dream Island. That show that I watch sometimes! - cosmo

251 Simpsondude Goes To Subway

Seriously?! Another knock off of Britgirl Goes to Taco Bell. - cosmo

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252 Littlest SevenLizards Shop

Stop! Just stop it! - nintendofan126

This would have been great for a book - CerealGuy

253 The Wild EpicJakeberries

Oh for god sake! - nintendofan126

254 BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO And Friends

I can't even describe how stupid this idea is. - nintendofan126

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255 Uncle Simpsondude

We don't need a knock off of a terrible cartoon!

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256 Britgirl Speaks
257 Teen Turkeyasylums Go!

Take the Go! Part off the item please. - Turkeyasylum

It could be great without the go. - Skullkid755

258 Nintendofan126 In Video Game Land

Nintendofan126, was sitting on his couch playing his Wii U. then he somehow ends up in a land, of video games. he was happy that he got to, meet all of his favorite characters. but he, couldn't figure out how to go home. later all the villains come to attack him, then all of a sudden! He finds out he was on his couch the whole time. it was just a dream. oh! And he had to charge his Wii U.

Some of these choices would be a weird decision (no offense) - EpicJake

This idea is kinda weird... - nintendofan126

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259 TheTopTens: Big Brother V 1 Comment
260 Password Havoc!

A hacker changed all TheTopTens' users' passwords, what will we do now? - Animefan12

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