Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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261 TheTopTens: Big Brother V 1 Comment
262 Password Havoc!

A hacker changed all TheTopTens' users' passwords, what will we do now? - Animefan12

V 1 Comment
263 The Nice Guy, The Nice Girl, and a Nice Dog
264 Ethanmeinster Becomes a Samurai

I will honor my lord. Bushido calls all of the samurai in TheTopTens, to put Justin Bieber in prison once again. Starring PositronWildHawk as the master. - ethanmeinster

V 1 Comment
265 Simpsondude's Modern Life
266 Simpsondude the Vampire Slayer

Rip off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the original period. - JaysTop10List

267 RugSimpsondudes

I must admit that the title did make me laugh. - RalphBob

V 2 Comments
268 SimpsondudeTV V 1 Comment
269 Total Turkeyasylum Island

Hey, I love that show, but why so many crossovers? - Turkeyasylum

270 Comments's Revenge

Sounds like the Atari 2600 game Custer's Revenge but was the only one that did not destroy the video game industry. - FasterThanSonic

V 1 Comment
271 Simpsondude The Hedgehog

This list use to be amazing. But now, everybody keeps adding stupid items. - nintendofan126

272 Simpsondude Rangers

I'm assuming this is a power rangers rip off. So many terrible ideas... - Therandom

V 1 Comment
273 Super Simpsondude Bros

What!?! Why couldn't I be the star of this one? - nintendofan126

274 FasterThanSonic's NES 8 Score

FasterThanSonic plugs 4 NES 4 scores and creates his own pirate 8-player NES game called 8-player Crossover. then he invites SevenLizards, EpicJake, ikereviews, Danteem, Nintendofan126, N64Dude, and ethanmaristar to his house to play his game. - FasterThanSonic

275 Mumbizz01 Meets Freddie Mercury

I did not add this. Someone knew I was a huge fan of Queen and Freddie Murcury. - Mumbizz01

276 Marahana Parks: The Secrets of Myself the World Has Never Discovered

That would be awesome! Marahana has exiting secrets that the world has always wanted to know. Plus, there's a new show about this. It's coming in 2016, so you'll have to wait a while. this should be exiting for all the marahana parks fans. you can watch marihuana parks on YTV, family channel, and Nickelodeon. but sadly, it ended on family channel and got cancelled in YTV and got banned from Nickelodeon due to the most distructive Actresses on the planet. but still, marihuana parks is a good show!

277 The Adventures of Two TheTopTens Users
278 RiverClanRock's Modern Life

Whoever added this here is a genius troll. - xandermartin98

I'm famous! But I looked up Rocko's Modern Life on Wikipedia and it said that that show had innuendo and stuff like that so yeah... Not a episode I would want to star in... - RiverClanRocks

279 Bizz Floyd
280 Behind Enemy Lines

A few TopTenners end up at Rockland Middle School and after nearly dying from listening to the students blab on with their boring crap, they call for help. - kfcnyancat

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