Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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301 Musical Pony Reviews: Dear Princess Celestia

Can I Write A Letter To Princess Celestia? - JPK

I...don't even want to know - QuarterGuysApprentice

302 Captain Puga

Is this supposed to be a rip. Off of Captain America? - cosmo

So now Puga can use the falcon punch? - nintendofan126

Let's pick up some hoes with my super-strength. - Puga

303 SqishysTop10List V 2 Comments
304 TheTopTens In American Idol
305 Welcome To Kalos: A Dream Come True

RiverClanRocks gets teleported to the Kalos region and she gets to meet Clemont. But she becomes so obsessed with him that she ends up in a state of hysteria and its up to Clemont as well as some TopTenners to get her back to normal. - RiverClanRocks

306 Party Games

Inspired by the new Fear Street ( everyone's in their teens in this). A girl named Rachel ( keycha1n) goes to a party hosted by a friend named Brendan ( Garythesnail) but her friend Amy ( cosmo) warns her about Brendan and his family's history but Rachel thinks that it wouldn't be that bad. Her friends Eric ( Puga), April ( ForeverSmiling13), Spider ( Turkeyalysum), Kerry ( Keyson) Pattie ( Britgirl) go to. Eventually, the party turns deadly. This is the first ever TopTens horror movie and nobody dies in this luckily - JaysTop10List

307 Party Games II
308 My Immature Cartoony Class

This episode includes my class. Ten classmates of mine are seen as these cartoon characters. I try to survive it. - BetterThanYou

309 Martin and Tina's Wedding
310 Unpopular TheTopTens Users to the Rescue!

When the popular users are in trouble, not as well known users go to save them from the evil forces of - Poptropica

311 The Top Ten Rises

Instead of the dark night rises - Batmaniscole

312 TheTopTens: The Voice
313 TheTopTens Super Smash Bros

Admin is the final boss, obviously - QuarterGuysApprentice

The users of TheTopTens decide to dress up as characters from video games and battle eachother. - nintendofan126

314 TheTopTens: Justin Bieber Sucks

We don't need an episode, most people say it all the time. - Therandom

315 Empire / TheTopTens Crossover

This is our time to star in opera. But well, ( JaysTop10List, cosmo, Simpsondude and CartoonsGirl) are kidnapped for no reason. It turns out that the crew kidnapped them because they're in FOX'S Empire. JaysTop10List has fun because of the food and the 3 others are not so amused and want to get the hell out of there. Every day, more people are kidnapped from TheTopTens and they're welcomed to the world of Empire as they meet a unlikely psycho ghetto woman named after a snack. - JaysTop10List

Unlikely pyscho ghetto woman named after a snack. Cookie, you must see this. - kontrahinsunu

316 The RiverClanRocks and SevenLizards Show

This is a show where SevenLizards and I talk about Pokemon as well as some other things. - RiverClanRocks

317 Puga and Friends: Into the City

Get it off the list

Please No Dora Crossovers - JPK

318 Turkeyasylum Goes To Wendy's

Wendy's is one of my favorite fast food restsurants, but this idea is terrible. I am not going to get diharrea from Wendy's. And the worst part is that it rips off Dipper Goes to Taco Bell. - Turkeyasylum

319 Kitten2015 vs Beyonce

Beyonce didn't kill any animals. If she did, then where's the evidence? - nintendofan126

And then I would kick kitten2015's butt - JaysTop10List

Why is an argument about Beyonce killing puppers on this humour list - Puga

V 1 Comment
320 Trying to Cope (But It Won't Be Easy)

After SevenLizards leaves the SevenLizards and RiverClanRocks Show I try to find another user who will be on the show with me. In the end JaysTop10List becomes the user on the show and the show is renamed the JaysTop10List and RiverClanRocks Show. - RiverClanRocks

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