Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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321 The Britgirl Empire V 1 Comment
322 The Old Weird Book
323 Top Ten Awards
324 Phobia Factor

Then spiders would attack me along with some hornets. uggghhh

V 3 Comments
325 Visitors' Last Stand
326 Britgirl Breaks Up With Keyson
327 The Haunted House
328 Therandom goes to Taco Bell
329 SevenLizards returns V 1 Comment
330 Nintendofan126 Vs Rainbow Dash

Me: "Refuses To Comment" - JPK

And...what exactly is this about? - nintendofan126

331 Batmaniscole Goes to Krystal Burger

Come on people. This idea is so dumb. It would be boring. And batmaniscole is a new user, and a good one, so leave him alone trolls. - Therandom

332 Johnny Booklover1

This is obviously a Johnny bravo ripoff - TheKirbyCreeper999

333 Things with AngryByrd

And I go on about how cute he is for half the episode. - RiverClanRocks

334 Bad Blood
335 TheTopTens: The Shipping War

I'm confused: this is either a ripoff of A&E's Shipping Wars or it's people shipping us.

SHIP BRITSON! - Turkeyasylum

336 Another Slideshow
337 TheKirbyCreeper999 Vs Mewberty

I knew some one added this - TheKirbyCreeper999

338 The Many Adventures of Pooga

Some of the users are watching their favourite show, Pooga the Pug. It contains profanity and violence, getting it taken down by complainers. The fans must fight to get it back. - Puga

339 Good Ol' CerealGuy

CerealGuy,Osama,2 Afghani terrorist and Richard Parker are stranded in the Pacific Ocean and the crew decide to eat the cabin boy Richard Parker later another guy with the name Richard Parker appeared and CerealGuy eat Richard Parker again until they found the Titanic but was sunked by the Giant Flying Spaghetti and Kim Jong Il and later they eat each other - CerealGuy

340 The New Admin

JustinBIEBERLOVER Breaks The Admin And Causes Wrecks But JBL Builds A New Admin Only This Admin Forced Users To Like Justin Bieber, How Will We Get The Old Admin Back? - TheKirbyCreeper999

I picture myself becoming the new admin. I'd basically be the Marco Rubio of TheTopTens, plus it would get Britgirl to start liking me finally ( don't tell her. And if you read this britgirl, sorry! ) - QuarterGuysApprentice

The kill the old admin for being stupid

V 3 Comments
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