Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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361 Where There's A Simpsondude, There's A Way

No really what's next? Who let the lukestheman4s in - TheKirbyCreeper999

What in the world is next? Read Em' And 7? - TheKirbyCreeper999

362 TheTopTens Art Show

Good idea. Mine is a realistic SpongeBob drawing - TheKirbyCreeper999

363 List Off

A List Named Reasons Why Ebola Is Better Than Adventure Time Is Made So The Users Try To Get Rid Of The List - TheKirbyCreeper999

364 Huggy Huggy Love You

Kissy Kissy Love You?!?!?! NEIN! - BorisRule

365 Hity Hity Hate You
366 Pokey
367 Wander vs Britboy
368 Batmaniscole finds out the person that is putting all the bad ideas on the list is SpongeBobSuxx and we kill him
369 TheTopTens Civil War V 2 Comments
370 Cereal Guy vs Newspaper Guy V 2 Comments
371 Kill That Pig!

It will feature you guys trying to kill the horrible pig character named Peppa Pig. You will then eat her if you succeed.

372 SamuiNeko vs Koolguy2218 V 1 Comment
373 Puga Acts Like A Monkey V 1 Comment
374 PositronWildhawk vs Danteem V 1 Comment
375 Return of DoraTheSpongeAndCosmo
376 Yona_db loves Scuzzlebutt

He loves skuzzlebutt. This monster appears in most of the list of South Park, because of him

377 The Britgirl Apocalypse

Nah, just love her but doesn't obsessed. I'm not infected! - kontrahinsunu

Not infected! - BorisRule

Ok, just to clear this up, I'm not making fun of any of you. Anyway, the britgirl obsession results in a zombie apocalypse. The only ones not infected are Nintendofan126, myself ( QuarterGuysApprentice), and Britgirl herself. The cure is simple, but getting it means making a deal with danteem - QuarterGuysApprentice

I like britgirl as a user,but she isn't one of my favorites(no offense)so I'm not infected either - Nateawesomeness

378 Skullkid755 vs JustinBieberLover and Megatron939

I am a Justin Bieber hating Nintendo fan. You should have expected this. - Skullkid755

379 SirSkeletorThe3rd's Bad Skull Day

Inspired by the video game Conker's Bad Fur Day - SirSkeletorThe3rd

380 Disney 1994 vs. Sanjay and Craig V 1 Comment
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