Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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421 TopTenners as Rappers
422 The Chase - Top Tenners Edition
423 445956 vs. The Stans

Great idea! Eminem's fans will get beaten up! - 445956

424 445956 Goes to 5 Guy's

I go to 5 Guy's and I get a burger patty (screw the buns) and when I eat the patty, I summon the almighty BarneyTheDinosaurRocks and he feeds me a boatload of french fries. - 445956

425 AlphaQ's Clues

AlphaQ fills in for Steve in a Blue's Clues reboot, only to realize that Blue is a cat so he gets super angry. - 445956

426 Luga

Puga changes his name to Luga to be the second Loud brother, but he also needs to find a way to let "Legnomac" come into The Loud House - 445956

427 Sextape Episode 1
428 Old and New
429 Borisrule vs Teen Titans (From Teen Titans Go!)

The Titans attacked me, and nearly murdered me, while I walking in the park for no reason, and in the end, I killed them - BorisRule

430 Lunala Takes Over Roblox

I would make old roblox come back. Add back tix and guests and personal servers. Take down uncanny valley, oders, make roblox exactly how it was in the old days. Then take down all bad games and replace with good games like Survival 303. - Lunala

431 Utubetrollpolice Invades TheTopTens
432 Toadf1 Meets Toad!

He deserves to - Adventurur2

433 Lunala's Epic Raid

Plot: I discover a town called Loserdudsville and it is where The Teen Titans Go, Pizza Steve, SwaySway and Buhdeuce, Caillou, Dora, Mr Krabs, Puffy Fluffy, Sanjay and Craig, all the Aphmau characters, Fanboy and Chumchum, Barney, Peppa Pig, Serena, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, One Direction, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, every pedophile in existance and Bliss live. I blow up their city and all the people/characters there. Then they go to hell and burn in a firey pit of purgatory. - Lunala

434 Song Vs Song: Season 1 Episode 1.....

It would be where some users think one song is better than the other, but other people prefer other songs this happens all the time on TheTopTens anyway so why not make it a series! - lovefrombadlands

435 24 Hour Overnight

All TTT users have to do a 24 hour overnight together (in a large place so they can all find a place to hide) - Lunala

436 Choose Your Own Adventure
437 The Lovefrombadlands Does Stuff Show

It's the most boring show...where I do stuff. Wait, if it was a show, then I could have my camera crew think of interesting things for me to slip and fall in a puddle! The highlight of the episode! - lovefrombadlands

438 TopTenners Go to Cedar Point
439 My Little JPK: Neonco31 is Magic
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