Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show

Oh, TheTopTens T.V. , the drama, the romance, the humor... Such a great show. Will it happen? No. but this is just for laughs!

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41 The Exiled
42 TheTopTens: Gaming News

Could I be the reporter in this episode? - nintendofan126

43 PositronWildhawk's Funniest Guide To Martial Arts

You burn someone's chest than slice half their face off. Wait, do fatalities count? - AlphaQ

44 Someone Not So Special

You see, there have been so many like Britboy, most of them not so pacific as him. He is just the last of a long list so far. - keyson

Yeah, agree with Gary, it's kinda disturbing if you think somebody would hide in the bushes or taking photo's while taking a bath, just plain disturbing - CerealGuy

Well I think a romance war will happen but let's just say we hope it will never happen - CerealGuy

I'm not so special, so I'm the main character of this episode. - Jackthetoptenguy5

Geez, the Tina and Martin show in its first season...

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45 Justin Bieber Visits TheTopTens

This would be the shortest episode in history, since he'd be murdered in the first twenty seconds! - Britgirl

Or we'd make him feel very unwanted here and punch him in the head! - Curti2594

Whoever keeps adding Justin Bieber to every list on the site STOP! It's gotten old and by doing you will make him more popular - Jake09

Someone call the paramedics. Wait, who is it? Never mind keep fighting. - Money1208

He'll probably see all the hate and kills himself. - AlphaQ

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46 Hacker Hideaway

Danteem is the ringleader - QuarterGuysApprentice

47 A Blue Diamond in the Rough

An episode which tells about how me and BlueDiamondFromNowhere became a couple. - Garythesnail

I like this idea. I've always wondered how this couple came to be. - Wolftail

I love the idea - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Though that was ended months ago... - Garythesnail

48 The Hacker

A hacker begins kidnapping TheTopTens users. - Puga

49 TheTopTens Survivor

Here are the contestants

Tribe 1

Tribe 2
Superyoyo22 - BigBrotherSucks

Should RevolNiartRuasonid join this?

Tribe 3

Guest star danteem ( don't worry, he is a sacrifice ) - QuarterGuysApprentice

50 FasterThanSonic and OhioStateBuckeyes and More's MLB Tour

Schools Out! 200 TopTenners take a trip to all the MLB stadiums From Fenway Park to PETCO Park during the MLB Internet month From June 1 to July 1 and go to a game of each team and during each game the meet users from other websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, E.T.C. and after each game they book reservations to the nearest hotel and if they can't find rooms, they go to an another hotel, but if they can't find rooms for that one, sleep in the car. - FasterThanSonic

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51 Seven Lizards Visit
52 admin Gets Banned

Then what would happen to TheTopTens though? - lovefrombadlands

Lol this would be funny - Randomator

Me, Du and The random take over as admin and make pizza parties every day. - AlphaQ

gd episode - Puga

53 The Creator

I wonder who created this site. - cosmo

Oh what an episode that would be. - Finch

The creator of TheTopTens is unveiled. - Turkeyasylum

The creator is Heather's husband - Gangem

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54 Sherlock Holmes Visits TheTopTens

I'm a forgotten member mostly ( hardly anyone knows who I am ) so I'd be do for - QuarterGuysApprentice

The title says it. Shelock Holmes makes an acount and becomes popular. By popular, I mean, very popular - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

55 Adamshane1999 Returns
56 TheTopTens YouTube Poops

I would laugh to death if I ever see this. - Mumbizz01

I own this but I've only made one so far. It's harder than it looks - bobbythebrony

Maybe one of the episodes would be my video takes. - RiverClanRocks


57 The Grand Migration
58 Party At Puga's

I would go. It would be awesome that's for sure! - MontyPython

Guest Appearances : ArchAres and Kiteretsunu - JaysTop10List

Puga invites every TopTenner to his party expect Britboy which causes him to do something mischievous again - JaysTop10List

59 Nicki Minaj Visits TheTopTens

She visits the top tens to make it an R rated website so we all must stop her. We kill her and a chain reaction causes Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Miley Cyrus to die. A happy ending. - Skullkid755

Nicki Minaj visits the TheTopTens, only to get robbed and have her things stolen from her purse, including a wallet. Nicki has enough and bring out the big guns. How will the TopTenners handle guys with HUGE GUNS AND BILLON OF UNNOTICEABLE TRAPS! Yep, we're pretty much dead. - JaysTop10List

I'll get her phone (calls Iggy) (In Nicki accent) Let's fight in TheTopTens (Iggy shows up in 3 seconds) Let's fight,Nicki (Iggy smacks her butt) (Madonna shows up) That's what you get after being my rapper in Give me all your Luvin! Should have picked Missy Elliot. - kontrahinsunu

She's gonna be pissed...! - AlphaQ

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60 X Means For

Guest star is currently Madonna again from the Fashion Show but has a role. But Jay-Z makes a cameo - JaysTop10List

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