Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Created If TheTopTens Was a Television Show


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121 TheTopTens: TV Movie
122 The Adventures of PatrickStar: Boy Genius

Really? A Jimmy Neutron knockoff? - Turkeyasylum

V 1 Comment
123 EpicJake the Explorer

No no just no don't ever do this - EpicJake

Never. Just, never. Ever. Do. This. - Turkeyasylum


What's this?! - SamuiNeko

124 The Users Make a Degrassi Intro
125 RalphBob The Dinosaur V 2 Comments
126 Xandermartin98 vs Justin Bieber

I am a scrawny white kid just like him, I am a little younger than him (17), and in a fair hand-to-hand fight, I could easily kick his ass. Knowing his personality, however, he would probably pull out a knife in the middle of the fight and try to kill me in order to boost his celebrity ego. In that case, I would hopefully be prepared. - xandermartin98

Any toptens user could beat up that little idiot - RockStarr

127 The Wonderful Wizard of TheToptens V 1 Comment
128 What Kind of Show Is This V 1 Comment
129 Epicjakeyes_dorano vs. Dorayes_epicjakeno
130 aarond09s Guide to Catching a Pokemon
131 Skinny Bones Inc.

DoraYes_EpicJakeNo makes a new business called Skinny Bones, Inc. The business specializes in taking deceased TopTenners and selling their meat in the form of SUASAGES! He then goes psycho insane and captures all the users except Andre56. Will Andre56 be a hero and actually save the TopTenners or will he abandon them? - Turkeyasylum

V 2 Comments
132 Parythesnail

What is that even... - Garythesnail

Been laughing at this for a solid minute AHAHAGA - Puga

Comic book guy: Worst…idea…Ever… - nintendofan126

what - Puga

133 Birthday Party For JaysTop10List

I host a birthday party. Reply and thumbs up if you want to be in the episode.

Guest starring : Beyoncé - JaysTop10List

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134 TheTopTens: American Horror Story

I would survive long but it may be easy I find me because my farts are very loud. - AlphaQ

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135 Connor360 goes to Disneyland

I'm at Disneyland trying to find what the best ride is but its hard to decide. - Connor360

136 TheTopTens Fan Fictions

Whatever you do, do not make "rated m," fictions! - nintendofan126

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137 Good Bye, SevenLizards

Hate me, but I wouldn't cry one bit. - JaysTop10List

I kinda made this episode, but if this were to be one, you'd know my reaction. - Puga

If I'm in this episode I'm just going to cry. The entire time. I miss him so much! - RiverClanRocks

I'm gonna cry until I cried a river (cry me a river reference) - kontrahinsunu

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138 TheTopTens Highschool

I'll be the usual geek that turns out to be related to Michael Myers and kill every bully. - JaysTop10List

139 Toptenpizza Celebrity Interviews

I would faint and act crazy if I met... you know who... - JaysTop10List

TopTenPizza:Meghan Trainor, do you regret being hated on this site.
TopTenners:Ahhh! There she is! (Chases her to kill her)
(This is a running gag) - kontrahinsunu

140 TheTopTenners Delete The Trolls

Me, HondaCivic, TopTenHaters, Anonygirl, CheifMudkip, And Rjbarg042 Defeat The Trolls That Ruined The Season 10 SpongeBob List - JPK

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