Top Ten Episodes That Would Be Made If "The Legend of Zelda" Was a TV Show

I'm starting a list series called "Video Game Show Episode Ideas", and this is the first one of the series. Read on!
Note : I know a live action Zelda Netflix series may be a thing and that there is a Zelda animated series.

The Top Ten

1 Link and Ganon, an Unlikely Team!

Link, our hero, must save Hyrule by teaming up with an unlikely Gerudo. - Skullkid755

I know there is already a T.V. show, but I do like the ideas on this list. Now if only they had better episode titles... No offense, I apologize in advance if I offended you. This list is quite decent and simple. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yeah modernspongebobsucks, the titles should've been better, but I'll take that as advice instead of an insult. I'll fix the titles! Like a good neighbor statefarm is there!
Nothing happened. Oh well. - Skullkid755

Zelda has a T.V. show. - RalphBob

2 Majora Plus Fierce Deity, a Backstory

We find out the origin of the Fierce Dietie's Mask and Majoras evil in this prequel episode. - Skullkid755

3 The Triforce is Stolen

When Link gets into the Sacred Realm, Ganon manages to steal the entire Triforce from our young Hylian, who must get it back. - Skullkid755

4 Legend of Fable

A crossover between two similar franchises. E or M? Xbox or Wii? Fable or Zelda? Which will win? Please answer. - Skullkid755

5 Mastering of the Master Sword

Link must master his skills enough and gather three Shards of Virtue in order to use the legendary Master Sword. - Skullkid755

6 Hunt for Navi

Link departs into the Lost Woods on a journey to find a lost friend who all of the internet hates. - Skullkid755


7 Kakariko Demon

While searching for the Shadow Temple, link stumbles upon an evil demon attacking Kakariko Village. Can he save this small town or have to live with the fact that he lost? - Skullkid755

8 A Challenging Choice: You or Zelda

Link must now face a heavy decision, should he die and let Zelda live on to rule Hyrule or should he live without Zelda and be the King of Hyrule. - Skullkid755

9 Link and Zelda: A Destiny Fullfilled

Link saves Zelda who then revives link from a coma and marry each other. - Skullkid755

10 The Escort of Ruto

Link must escort the Zora Princess Ruto to the end of the Water Temple to purify Lake Hylia. - Skullkid755

The Contenders

11 The Edgy Days - Twilight Princess
12 To Fight One's Shadow
13 Zelda's Delight
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