Episodes that Would Be Made If Shrek Was an Animated Series

If Shrek had 3D animated shorts, these episodes would happen. Dreamworks could potentially make this, let's cross our ogre fingers.

The Top Ten

1 Onion Garden

Plot: Shrek tries to steal onions from an onion garden at night but the guards keep catching him. Then eventually Shrek sends Donkey to do it and Donkey succeeds.

2 Ogre the Top

Plot: Shrek throws a party for fun and at first it's good but soon becomes too crowded and wild and Shrek tries to scare everyone out of his swamp. He succeeds eventually

3 Magenta the Unicorn

Plot: A unicorn called Magenta arrives at Shrek's swamp accidentally and Donkey falls in love with her, so Dragon tries to get rid of Magenta. It turns out Magenta is an evil witch in disguise trying to capture Donkey and make donkey stew. It ends with Magenta being eaten by Dragon.

4 The Wish Wand

Plot: Shrek's babies find a wand while playing in the mud. It's the fairy godmother's wand which somehow turned up there, and this wand grants wishes. Characters fight over the wand until the wand breaks, reversing all their wishes.

5 The Far Far Away Bakeoff

Plot: All the Shrek characters try and make a cake. The best cake wins. At the end Gingy wins since he knows lots of cooking tips from the baker who baked him.

6 The Different Way to Go

Plot: While walking home one night Fiona gets lost because she accidentally walks down the wrong path. She discovers a weird house and goes inside and it's a witch's hut. The witch turns Fiona into a rabbit. Fiona tries to find help and fails, but the spell eventually wears off permanantly a few hour later.

7 Vacation Away

Plot: Shrek and Fiona let their fairytale friends babysit their kids then Shrek and Fiona have a vacation at a hotel.

8 Sprite Light

Plot: Shrek traps fairies in jars for light, right? The fairies all break out of their jars and get revenge on Shrek by taking over his swamp and having a fairy party. Eventually Shrek traps them all into one big jar at the end.

9 The Burgular

Plot: Someone breaks into Shrek's house and eats all his snacks. Shrek calls Puss In Boots to help and at the end of the episode it turns out it was Donkey all along.

10 How to Become a Meme

Shrek, my daddy

Plot: Shrek finds out about "Memes". Then he tried to become a meme. And then he succeeds by singing "Some... *BODY* ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD WAS GONNA ROLL ME-", but hurts everyone's ears because it's too dank. - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Mud Bath

Plot: It's a hot day, what better way to spend it then to have a mud bath? Shrek tries to convince his friends to have a mud bath. At first they refuse but at the end they do.

12 How to Be an Edgelord
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