Top 10 Eps (Extended Plays) by Death Metal Bands

The Top Ten

1 The Art of War - Vader

This EP is what I call fast and Brutal, the best song is This is the War which is a fast and brutal song with insanely fast drumming (it rivals Tech Death Metal bands) - christangrant

2 The Eyes of Horror - Possessed

All the songs on this EP are awesome too bad the band disbanded after this release but hey they did reunite are supposed to make a new album soon. - christangrant

3 The Heartwork EP - Carcass

Contains the song Heartwork plus a few other tracks that weren't on any other album. - christangrant

4 Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse

Believe or not this was a real EP released in 1993. There are two versions of this ep one is a Ep with 5 songs, the other is basically a single with only 3 tracks. both versions have a different artwork (the one shown here is the single) - christangrant

5 Gardens of Grief - At the Gates
6 Blood - Vader
7 Human Waste - Suffocation

The debut ep from Suffocation - christangrant

8 Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel - Carcass

A EP that contained Leftover tracks from the Surgical Steel sessions - christangrant

9 Despise the Sun - Suffocation

This was the last Suffocation release to feature guitarist Doug Cerrito. - christangrant

10 Worm Infested - Cannibal Corpse

This ep contains leftover tracks including the cover of No Remorse by Metallica - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Reign Forever World - Vader
12 Iron Times - Vader
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