Top 10 EPs (Extended Plays) by Thrash Metal Bands

These are the best EPs from Thrash Metal Bands, their were a lot of good ones.

The Top Ten EPs (Extended Plays) by Thrash Metal Bands

1 Haunting the Chapel - Slayer

All 3 songs are awesome especially Chemical Warfare and the underrated Captor of Sin with that awesome solo in the beginning, in the re release for the album they included the first recorded version of Aggressive Perfector which was later rerecorded on Reign in Blood and it's good to. - christangrant

2 Sentence of Death - Destruction

Another awesome Ep from Destruction its more of a Blackened style thrash album and it contains the first version of Mad Butcher - christangrant

3 In the Sign of Evil - Sodom

Awesome Debut EP from Sodom, it contains the songs Witching Metal and Outbreak of Evil which was later rerecorded - christangrant

4 Overkill (EP) - Overkill

The band considers this their "First Album" and Feel the Fire as their 2nd, but anyway all the songs (Except The Answer) from this now rare EP were rerecorded, 2 of them appeared on Feel the Fire and one on Taking Over. all the tracks from this EP later appeared on a compliation! F You and Then Some!
Also Overkill actually never made any money from this Ep according to Bobby Blitz from a Interview he did with Loudwire - christangrant

5 Expurse of Sodomy - Sodom

All 3 songs are great, the best one is Sodomy and Lust which is one of the best Sodom songs. This album later appeared as bonus tracks on Persecution Mania - christangrant

6 Flag of Hate - Kreator

This is an awesome EP from Kreator, It contains great songs, This album later appeared as bonus tracks for Pleasure to Kill. - christangrant

7 Alien - Tankard

This is the first appearance of their Alien mascot who appears on almost every album after this. - christangrant

8 Mad Butcher - Destruction

Contains the awesome song Mad Butcher probably the best version of it. - christangrant

9 Torture Tactics - Vio-Lence
10 Bestial Devastation - Sepultura

Very good ep from Sepultura. - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Beyond Magnetic - Metallica

These were songs left off of Death Magentic and I see why, though I think some are better than some of the songs on DM. - christangrant

12 Aber Bitte mit Sahne - Sodom
13 Hidden Treasures - Megadeth

A ep that consists of "Hidden Treasures" by that they mean songs that weren't on any of their studio albums like Angry Again for example which is on this EP. - christangrant

14 Garage Days Re-Revisited - Metallica
15 Anthems - Anthrax
16 Out of the Dark... Into the Light - Kreator
17 Violence Unleashed - Kreator
18 Inside Out - Anthrax
19 Summer 2003 - Anthrax
20 Armed and Dangerous - Anthrax
21 I'm the Man - Anthrax
22 Penikufesin - Anthrax
23 F*** You - Overkill

The album cover, LOL - Metal_Treasure

24 Violent Pacification - D.R.I.
25 Return to the Apocalyptic City - Testament
26 Get Your Fight On! - Suicidal Tendencies
27 The Saw Is the Law - Sodom
28 And Justice for All - Metallica

This is NOT a EP it's a full length album. - christangrant

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