Top Ten Eragon Characters

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1 Eragon

He is strongest than all when he had the dragon's power

He is powerful and I think he is like a god

Way more stuff then that.

Saphira was better then Eragon to me lol

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2 Roran

He does everything without magic and took a whole city with 800 men

3 Saphira

She's Eragon's dragon and he would still be some poor farm boy without her ( then again he wouldn't be almost dead all the time without her either

A beautiful blue dragon who (in my opinion) has much more personality than Eragon. Need I say more?

4 Murtagh

He was good but then he turned evil but then he turned good again... Pretty confusing

5 Oromis

He taught Eragon SO much and without hm Eragon wouldn't have learned anything except what Bro. Taught him

6 Brom

He's so awesome and he snuck into Morzan's castle alone without reinforcements for years and he's Eragon's father. SO SAD TO SEE HOM DIE!

When he died in the first Inheritance cycle book, I was devastated! I LOVED Brom as a character and him mentoring Eragon was so entertaining(Especially the sword fighting (*~*))

7 Nasuada

She filled in for her dad to lead the Varden after he died

8 Orik

ORIK is so cool he became king of the dwarves and fought many battles alongside Eragon

His deminor and actions are those of a strong willed and well likeable character

9 Arya

According to Eragon she's some sort of wonderwoman

10 Durza

He was the Shade killed by Eragon and who tortured Arya in the first book... YEAH it's pretty terrible but I need more people on this list (and dragons) so if you guys have any ideas just post them

The Contenders

11 Glaedr

He gave up his Eldunari to help Eragon and his friends after he died

12 Islanzadi
13 Angela

Angela doesn't get the credit she deserves. She's a badass witch, and the woman in the series if you ask me.

14 Ajihad
15 Thorn

Thorn helped Saphira fight Shruikan and in the end he was pretty cool

16 Shruikan

Shruikan is awesome! He is the biggest, most badass of the dragons in the series. And, though his appearance in the movie is only for a few seconds, it is definitely amazing. It would be so cool to have Shruikan for a pet!

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