Best Eras In English History

The Top Ten

1 Stuarts

They bought us lots of food new buildings exiting kings like Charles 2

2 Tudors

Well the most famous kings and queens are in this era like Mary tudor, Elizabeth 1 and Henry VIII

3 Normans

After the battle of hastings the normans changed England for ever even the way people speak

4 British Empire

This era made us more powerful

5 Victorians

Well they invented electricity and we use this more than anything now

6 Romans

They changed England a lot they tidied up the place and gave us roads

7 Celts

I guess they made us iron and a bit more nicer cloths

8 Modern Era
9 Anglo-Saxons

They gave us our place names, our tongue and many of our institutions. No other period in English history lasted as long and was as influential.

England became England under the Anglo Saxons.

10 Oliver Cromwell

Pretty good

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