Best Eric Calderone (Erock) Meets Metal Videos

Eric Calderone is probably the most popular and the best guitarist posting videos on YouTube. Which one of his covers is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Braveheart Meets Metal

Honestly, for me Eric made Braveheart Theme even better than movie version. - Belphegor

2 Kingdom Hearts Meets Metal

I've never played the game, but soundtrack is too pop for me. However, Eric played "My Sanctuary" and "Simple And Clean" in his own way and I really like it. "Simple And Clean" part is pretty moving. - Belphegor

3 Lord of the Rings Meets Metal
4 Let It Go Meets Metal
5 Last of the Mohicans Meets Metal
6 Requiem for a Dream Meets Metal
7 Sword Art Online Meets Metal
8 The Opened Way Meets Metal

I needed time to fancy this game, but soundtrack was always my favourite part of "Shadow of the Colossus". Eric did awesome job with "The Opened Way". His cover is very climatic and really interesting. - Belphegor

9 Sexy and I Know It Meets Metal
10 Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Op 1 Meets Metal

The Contenders

11 Bohemian Rhapsody Meets Metal
12 The Walking Dead Meets Metal

Funny, but my favourite part of this song isn't guitar solo, but symphonic part. Still awesome job with guitar playing. - Belphegor

13 Attack On Titan Meets Metal

Its his one of best without an doubt. - kaizokuoni

14 Fairy Tail Op.1 Meets Metal
15 One Piece (Op.17 Wake Up!) Meets Metal
16 Skrillex Meets Metal
17 Super Bass Meets Metal
18 Super Mario Bros Meets Metal
19 Party Rock Anthem Meets Metal
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