Top 10 Ernest Scared Stupid Characters

For this list we will be counting down the top characters from the cult classic Halloween movie starring Jim Varney in his iconic Ernest P. Worrell character who faces off against an evil troll who plots on kidnapping the children of Briarville in order to resurrect his troll race.
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1 Ernest P. Worrell Ernest P. Worrell is a fictional character, portrayed by Jim Varney in a series of television commercials, primarily shot on digital video.

Main protagonist who is responsible for releasing Trantor from his imprisonment and attempts to make things right and prevent him from capturing the 5 children needed to bring his troll army to life not very bright and accident prone who always seems to cause more trouble then he actually fixes them.

2 Francis "Old Lady" Hackmore

Played by the late Ertha Kitt best remembered as the voice of Yzma from Emperor's New Groove, she plays Old Lady Hackmore the town's resident crazy lady who everyone pretty much avoids when possibly who meets Ernest when he shows up at her property to clean up the garbage on her property

3 Rimshot

Ernest's dog who later gets turned into a wooden doll by Trantor.

4 Trantor the Troll

Main antagonist whose goal is to capture children and turn them into wooden dolls in order to resurrect his troll race at the beginning of the movie Trantor is captured and buried by the people of Briarville sealed under an oak tree one of the village elders a descendent of Ernest establishes the seal which prompts Trantor to seek vengeance and vowed that one who bears the Worrell name will release him and to ensure that this happens Trantor placed a curse on the Worrell family that each of the Worrell descendants will get dumber and dumber and just as Trantor predicted Ernest accidentally releases him from his imprisonment after literally building a tree house using the same tree that was used to seal him under while reciting the words to set him free as he is set free Trantor goes on his rampage of kidnapping 5 children and turning them into wooden dolls that must be collected by midnight on Halloween night.

5 Kenny Binder

The only one of his friends not to get turned into a doll until later in the movie as he attempts to help Ernest stop Trantor and his troll army after they are resurrected.

6 Elizabeth

Friend to Kenny and Joey and was the first person to believe Ernest about Trantor the troll though she tries to help Ernest and Kenny she gets captured by Trantor and also gets turned into a doll.

7 Joey

Friend to Kenny and Elizabeth and the first victim of Trantor who captures him while pretending to be Ernest as he was saving him after falling into a mud hole.

8 Tom Tulip

Co owner of Tom and Bobby's who takes advantage of Ernest's believe in trolls in order to sell him a bunch of fake troll traps and later after all of Briarville finds out that Ernest was telling the truth about the trolls he and Bobby take advantage of the situation looking to profit from the troll invasion by taking photo's of the trolls as they are attacking the citizens of Briarville.

9 Bobby Tulip

Tom's brother and silent partner who goes along with helping Tom do anything to make a few bucks.

10 Mayor Murdock
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11 Sheriff Cliff Binder

Kenny's father who like everyone else in town doesn't believe in Ernest's troll claim and just wants to keep the situation within the town under control.

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