Top 10 Ethical Hackers of India 2016

This list got the best Indian patriotic hackers which did change the meaning of hacking, hacking is not what we call stealing or making frauds they give it a new name a motive to fight back for India without any means of greed or something. They fought for the nation's pride.

The Top Ten

1 Saket Modi V 1 Comment
2 Ankit Fadia

Ankit Fadia is an independent computer security and digital intelligence consultant with definitive experience in the field of Internet security based out of the Silicon Valley in California, USA. He has authored 14 internationally best-selling books on numerous topics related to Computer Security that have been widely appreciated by both professionals and industry leaders the world over. His books have sold a record 10 million copies across the globe, have been translated into Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Polish and are also being used as reference textbooks in some of the most prestigious academic institutions around the world. He was one of eight people named MTV India's Youth Icon of the Year for the year 2008. - maxdolson

3 Sunny Vaghela

Sunny Vaghela is one of the countries pioneer Information Security & Cyber Crime Consultant. The young and dynamic personality of Sunny has not only assisted in solving complex cyber crime cases but has also played an instrumental role in creating awareness about information security and cyber crimes. During his graduation at Nirma University he developed projects like SMS Based Control System, Voice Recognition Based Control System exhibiting his sharp acumen for technology. At the age of 18, Sunny exposed loopholes like SMS & Call Forging in Mobile Networks. The technology that allowed to send SMS or Make Call to any International Number from any number of your choice. At Present, He is Director & Chief Technical Officer at TechDefence Consulting Pvt Ltd which is rapidly growing security services & investigation consulting organization focusing on Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Informabertion Security Training. - maxdolson

4 Manan Shah

Highly Talented

Awesome Manan - maxdolson


Manan Shah is an Indian entrepreneur and ethical hacker. He is the co-founder and CEO of Avalance Security, an online cyber security company involved with securing government and corporate web services.

He has been awarded the title of “Most Valuable Professional (MVP)” by the Microsoft for Securing Cyber Space. He is commonly referred to as the “Indian Firewall” and is a frequent technology writer in the Indian media. His the also holder of Limca Book of Record and Guinness Book of World Record.

His also spoken at security conferences including BlackHat, ToorCon, Clubhack, Defcon Chennai, Defcon Bangalore, Nullcon, THC etc. about my research findings.

His also Founded and Reported Vulnerability (Bugs) in Numerous Web Applications including Twitter, Yahoo!, Facebook, Nokia,Blackberry, Paypal, Skype, Dropbox, Google, Apple, Microsoft,, Adobe etc, Soundcloud, Samsung, IIT, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc.

in 2016 his part of Microsoft world’s ...more - maxdolson

5 Vivek Ramchandran V 1 Comment
6 Rahul Tyagi V 1 Comment
7 Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora is an Indian author, cyber security expert, and entrepreneur. Arora has written books on various topics related to Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and Web Defense.

With no family background in computers, Arora, a first-generation entrepreneur, set up his own company - TAC Security Solutions, which is into providing security to the corporate against any network vulnerabilities and data theft. Some of his prominent corporate clients include Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, Punjab Police (India) and Gujarat Police.He also helps Punjab and Gujrat police in cracking down on cyber crime, and training senior level officers. Arora has already offered training to employees of some of the corporate giants.

He has now turned his company's focus on providing specialised services to corporates called Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) as he has seen an increase in number of cases wherein portals of companies are hacked for ...more - maxdolson

8 Aseem Jakhar
9 Sai Satish V 1 Comment
10 Koushik Dutta V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Pankaj Patidar V 1 Comment
12 Harsha Vardhan

A Crazy Tech Geek passionate about Software codes And Nature of code.Code Breaking is favorite

13 Santhosh Kothakota

Santhosh Kothakota is an independent security anyalist and he working with govt. agencies, now he is working with TCS.

14 Santhosh Kothakota

Santhosh Kothakota is an independent security anyalist and he working with govt. agencies, now he is working with TCS. - swapna

15 Aaditya Purani

Aaditya Purani is one of the Finest Security Researcher from India. He is well rounded, passionate and fast in cracking things. As far as I can tell, he is the best Indian CTF Player, and he also plays with Current World Number 1 Team DCUA. I wish him all the best for his future in United States. He deserves this.

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