Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

Top 10 ethical hackers of India. A Joint description of Microsoft and 4xhack
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1 Rishiraj Sharma

I think he is youngest hacker of India, age 16... His rank should higher than other...

Very talented new ccomer boy... India should have like this boy

Its good list and also its similar to Microsoft survey

I think you are youngest hacker in India I am fan of you sir please sir give me some suggestion in hacking area

2 Ankit Fadia

He is the best hacker in India I feel really proud of him that a great hacker in India. If I get chance I want to get trained near him.. I have a lot of interest I learning hacking...

He is great fake hacker of India

I wish to attend a workshop of ethical hacking of ankit sir

I like attend his workshop and it really help for me to understand the hacking and product owe self

3 Vivek Ramchandran

Remesh Ramachandran has solved a number of complex cybercrime cases. He is one of the top Indian ethical hackers who has worked in government and international agencies. Also held important roles in major financial companies performing security audits. Remesh has submitted a number of research papers and also presented them in various info security conferences.

Vivek Ramachandran is ONE OF THE BEST hackers. Check out securitytube, a collection of his videos and you would vote him to number 1 or number 2.

He Must Be on First Position. After 2 year from Now this position is mine.

He is the best. I guess author might be sleeping while posting this list.

4 Sai Satish

He's very helpful. He's the best hacker I ever meet. There are some people like Ankit Fadia, who is great fake hacker of India, but Dr. Sai Satish is not like that. He's very helpful to the students. He's motto is very impressing.

Most of the guys don't know about him. I know him orkut times. He is founder of Indian Cyber warriors.
anyone know Indian Snakes? HMG? Hindustan Millitant group? Indishell? some of the underground hacking groups. he was the leader at that time. Now he is out of hacking.he left all those.
I met him very long back.i wish he will be back to hacking to kick pakistan

Sai Satish Sir iS The Best For Ethical Hacker. He is very Helpful And Skilled Person I never seen like him...

Great businessman, commercializes hacking subject better than everyone

5 Sangeet Chopra

After attending your workshop I came to know basics of hacking and Sir please help in all the stages of hacking.
Your this confidence make me inspire and I'm really gonna do ethical hacking and want to safe our country.

You r the best haker I the world and your overall personality is awesome.. I have attended your workshop and it have drawn my attention toward cyber safety a lot.. you said most people follow what you have told just for 10 day or more but I'll make sure that I use it for ever... Respect for you sir... Bbps rohini

Hats off to you sir today it was my luck to attend your seminar in which you made us belive that hacking is just supperb field and vast field and we enjoyed a lot... Again hats off sir... AND waiting for tomorows workshop..

I have attended your workshop at College Of Engineering Pune. I like your attitude that a hacker should also be psychologist. Your are truely a expert.

6 Sunny Vaghela

Sunny Vaghela is one of the countries pioneer Information Security & Cyber Crime Consultant. The young and dynamic personality of Sunny has not only assisted in solving complex cyber crime cases but has also played an instrumental role in creating awareness about information security and cyber crimes. During his graduation at Nirma University he developed projects like SMS Based Control System, Voice Recognition Based Control System exhibiting his sharp acumen for technology. At the age of 18, Sunny exposed loopholes like SMS & Call Forging in Mobile Networks. The technology that allowed to send SMS or Make Call to any International Number from any number of your choice. At Present, He is Director & Chief Technical Officer at TechDefence Consulting Pvt Ltd which is rapidly growing security services & investigation consulting organization focusing on Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, Informabertion Security Training.

Sunny sir is great in hacking as well as in speaking.
He is the only ethical hacker who have solved more than 20 cases of cybre crime including 15 cases of Cyber Crimes of Ahmedabad Crime Branch like Phishing Cases, Biggest Data Theft Case, Espionage Case, Credit Card Fraud Case, Several Orkut Fake Profile Impersonation Cases, Email Hacking Cases, SMS Spoofing Cases, Cyber Pornography Case, Cyber Terrorism Case, Several 419 Nigerian Fraud Case, Mumbai Blasts Case, Phishing Case, Data Theft Case, Cyber Stalking Case, Orkut Profile Impersonation Case, SMS Spoofing Case. Some hackers are claiming to be best but they are fack but sunny is the real ethical hacker. At the age of 18, Sunny exposed loopholes like SMS & Call Forging in Mobile Networks. Currently He is Director & Chief Technical Officer at TechDefence Consulting Pvt Ltd which is rapidly growing security services & investigation consulting organization focusing on Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law Consulting, ...more

Sunny Vaghela is a highly knowlegdeable person. He is the only genuine ethical hacker in the country! One must definitely attend his workshop to understand how talented he is!

He is the number 1 talented ethical hacker in india.
He helping the new students to this industries

7 Rizwan Shaikh

It was my pleasure to learn in Pristine InfoSolutions. It's very good for learning new hacking techniques. I learned a lot of things from Mr. Rizwan specially from my career point of view. Best thing of trainer is that he motivates me towards determination of the career and work profile. Now I'am CISEH certified. Thanks a ton Sir.

I have attended many conferences on Ethical Hacking but sincerely this guy took my breath away..He is by far the Best Security Researcher in India from Mumbai.

Sir your Hacking Workshop was exemplary at Residency Hotel in Mumbai. Me and my friends were held clinging to every word of your's. You're just great and best Sir. Thank You.

Rizwan sir's live penetration demo & giving time to ask questions after workshop is enough to prove that he is the best.

8 Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry is THE BEST hacker in India apart from Vivek Ramachandran. Sad that Indians do not realize who they are ignoring and who they are promoting.

I just like there 6sence technology

I like his technology n thinking...

I support you all tym

9 Rahul Tyagi

Rahul Tyagi sir is the best.. Just attend his workshop once I can bet you will start to compare him automatically with the person whom you voted... Because the best is always taken for comparison.. The only thing I felt bad in rahul sir workshop was that I was not able to take a proper photo with him... He was the best

There is no one like him... He is the best hacker in India and have a great knowledge about hacking and according to me he suppose to be in topmost white hacker in 1st position...

He is the best. I attended his workshop. Cool dude with guts. He made us clear what hacking actually is and its concepts with fun. Best.

He is have a lot of knowledge and experience in the term of computer network security field

10 Sachin Dedhia

He is the best speaker I ever listened, has in depth knowledge about the real life cases & that shows from the fact that he has delivered training's to the police departments also.

He is been around for many years, conducted more then 500 seminars on Cyber Crime, across various sections of the society.. Hats off to this guy

The guy truly has indepth knowledge about Cyber Crime & digital forensics. where rest of the hackers only talk about hacking, this guy does take you on the other side also of investigating the cyber crimes

One of the best workshops that I have attended so far. Awesome Spirit!. Full of Energy and the passion that he has shown has been amazing.

The Contenders
11 Rishal Dwivedi

Very young security enthusiast I guess just 16 years old!
He has been acknowledged by various companies for reporting vulnerabilities& also a good coder.

Full of achievements! Great ethical hacker.

He is a very good hacker also very friendly

Good knowledge of we application security.

12 Navdeep Singh

He is the leading very down to earth human may he grow much successful the all boasters

He teaches everyone that want to learn hacking so he's a very good man

Great security analyst and trainer I have ever meet. Hats off...

He is awesome guy with great hacking skills. Hats off

13 Code Breaker ICA (Lucky)

Ultimate guy with excellent skills

Just awesome man no world to discribe

He is a good persn and great attitude

I like code breacker

14 Trishneet Arora

Such a nice guy, very down to earth champ. I met him once at Conference in Mumbai. He was speaker, he trained various police and intelligence organization. Hats off to him. May god bless him.

Keep it up (y)

He is the best in his space

Nice work by him. Good

I love him very much

15 Vineet Bharadwaj

He use to teach hacking in a very different way with fun and also interesting hope I can learn or spent more time with him. Great experince I spent with him..

Young age Ethical hacker and securitu researcher. Wrote a ebook and couple of articles. Listed in many hall of fame and got bounties...

He taught me WAPT, I was new in this field I don't know what testing is before I met him I only knows basic of Ceh and he worked on me and make me stand in my company because of him in WAPT sector. Thanks for such well teaching now he is my friend too :) thanks sir

Nice person and very down to earth.

16 Falgun Rathod

Falgun Rathod is one of the countries pioneer Information Security & Cyber Crime Consultant. Falgun has solved number of complex cyber crime cases and has also played an instrumental role in creating awareness about information security and cyber crimes. He is a Founder & Director of Cyber Octet Pvt Ltd - a Company providing Training on Ethical Hacking and Information Security as well as Cyber Crime Consultants. He has been assisting many agencies & companies and conducted numerous workshops and seminars in the Colleges about Information Security and Ethical Hacking. He is also the member of OWASP (open web application security project), invited member at ICTTF (International Cyber Threat Task Force), CSFI (Cyber Security Forum Initiative), DSCI (Data Security Council of India). He is also Invited Article Writer at PenTest Magazine based in Poland. He was featured in March 2012 Issue of PenTest Mag on the Cover Page of Magazine.

He is so talented within this age... Amazing person. He has a very impressive personality with a cheerful knowledge and experience in the Information security. He has helped various government organization to achieve various sensitive information.
Swapnil Singh

He has given a very nice speech that covers not only Hacking but an motivation to the newcomers to industry of information security. Thanks.

His Lecture of Social Engineering is just awesome first time seen something different kind of Hacking in originally terms in my college.

17 Aasim (Root Devil)

The one who was nightmare of paki server admin
one and only ro0t_devil m/

I remember those days when Pakistani website used to host index page with message "Hello baccha log, papa aa gaye"
And one of the best hack by you which I remember is "17 countries defense websites"

18 Benild Joseph

Best ethical hacker ever met. Know for his work.

The Best Ethical Hacker I have ever seen

Simply the best legend hacker of India

Highly intellectual and best hacker...

19 Nipun Jaiswal

One Of The Best hackers Of India, Really Helped Guys Like me to stand up and join network security field, I thank him a lot.
Thankyou Sir,

Thank you sir

You are the best sir, thank a lot for serving us with your knowledge, we really enjoyed your sessions here in gurgaon

20 Aarshit Mittal (Ashell)

He is one of the best Indian defacers, India ever had

Bro you are the best in all

Love you man keep rocking

He is a destroyer dude

21 Manish Tanwar

Awesome guy.. This coding skills are too good... Main think I like about him is his willing to learn and explore.. Nice guy too in general life.. Don't have attitude like others.. Nice coding.. 60-70% people in cyber world uses his shell...

We like manish tanwar.. Keep it up bhaii

Thanks for teaching us sirji

Manis bhia is best programmer...

22 3thicalnoob
23 Mohit Yadav

Mohit Yadav is Best As I have attended his talks on cyber security and ethical hacking at IIT Delhi.

Well Known Cyber Security Expert

24 Aakash Kumar
25 Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh is one of the youngest Ethical Hacker in India.

Mera Jaan proud of you

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