Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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221 Achilles Gaurav Kushwaha
222 Rishav Raj Choudhary
223 Namit Behl

He is a 16 old Computer Geek with lots of knowledge of Cyber Security.

224 Akhil Sharma

He just a guy in dis industry... currently working as a grey hat hacker with Infosys.. !

225 Siraj Patel
226 Animesh Haxors

Animesh haxors is the one of the best hacker in India, he love defacing sites. he deface lot of government and education sites of Bangladesh, Pakistan and China, he is also a very good coder, a good exploiter, and knowledge of ant type hacking...

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227 Ankit Pandey

Also know as Leet Saab.
Pandey, being an young teen hacker is also security researcher. He hacked many Pakistan's gov sites and defended and reported bugs in Indian sites. He have received bounty worth 35k.

228 Aditya Dixit
229 Choot
230 Pradyoth Prashanth
231 Gahan N Rao
232 Lalit Kumar
233 Gaurav Arora

Ultimate guy with good skills...

234 Sohil Khan Hacker
235 AMi

I can Imagine, what are you thinking.

236 Akash Sarin
237 Lord Kruptos
238 Venu
239 Kewal Krishan Sharma
240 Virendra Garg

He is one of the Information security Professional, also working for awareness about information security and cyber crimes.

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