Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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241 Vikas Kumar

I am new Grey hacker... Come soon

242 Neil Nitin Mukesh

He is the best at what he does.

243 Nitin Pandey

A well matured Ethical Hacker, with hands on experience in hacking. He was so much active in hacking in between 2010 to 2013 but suddenly left it all. Currently working with govn of uttar pradesh.

244 Vignesh Kumar V 1 Comment
245 Harsha Vardhan Bopara V 1 Comment
246 Aditya Singh

Hacker from pune. Has hacked Facebook, gmail, nasa, fbi, swat, and every website

247 Eilixir Sushil Jais

Eilixir Sushil 21 years old born in India and currently Perusing B. Sc. -IT.
He ethically hacked a lot of websites and helped government of India to make their website secure and strong.
Eilixir Sushil has written some of the informative books on Cyber Crime and provided valuable knowledge on Cyber security to 3000 students across the world.
Since childhood onwards he had a great interest towards hacking, and he hacked a website in the age of 11.
Hacking is one of the hobbies for Eilixir Sushil. Where every child wants to play with toy or dolls he wanted to play with computers.

248 Rohit Erik

Best hacker in Mumbai...

249 Kumar Saurav

He was born in Forbesganj (BIHAR). He started hacking at the age of 16. now he is pursuing B. Tech from Computer science & engineering at calcutta Institute of Technology.
He is Excellent in information gathering.

Good at wi-fi hack

He help many people to secure his gmail acount & facecebook account from hacker

Also submitted Vulnerability at moment. Me website

V 1 Comment
250 Pratap Chandra
251 Yasir Zargar

Ist Ethical Hacker from kashmir

252 Depanshu
253 Dhruv Gupta
254 Anoop Kaushal
255 CodeRed0x_icp
256 Harshil Patel
257 HT
258 Hamedhacker
259 Arvind Singh
260 Yogesh Kulkarni
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