Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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281 Pavan Kushwaha
282 Rishi Rathore

Best hacker, IT professional, knowledge of all computer languages, avid programmer - rishirathore

He is the best hacker, no one can beat him.
A great programmer and has knowledge of every language. Nothing is impossible for him

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283 Lakshay Sharma

I'm felling short of words to describe him.. He is just a great hacker..
Just awesome man no words to describe
Very young security enthusiast
He is awesome at very young age the recognition more than his age from companies like Microsoft, oracle

284 Mysterious Prinx
285 Radha Krish
286 Ajad Kumar Mishra
287 Krishna Chavan

He is also best;;;;

288 Parin Gajera
289 Varun Kavil
290 Mac sv
291 Krupal Dankhara
292 Ajay Patel
293 Aditya Reddy
294 Chirag Goyal
295 Sandeep Mudalkar

He is.the best offical ethical hacker I have ever seen. Saying this as I am his student

296 Bhupendra Pradhan V 1 Comment
297 Harsh Chaklasiya

Great student and excellent hacker, top notch entrepreneur currently persuading degree at DDIT. He has been great help to Surat police department when solving cyber crimes. - gathiyo

298 Sukhchain Gill
299 Ravi Rajput

Ravi rajput best cyber security consultant - krishnashetty

He use to teach hacking in a very different way with fun and also interesting hope - nikhilsawant880

My inspiration and nice guy in linux security - rohitchinchole830

Very dedicated, focused and committed! - himitchokshi

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300 Shahbaz Hussain
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