Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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21 Code Breaker ICA (Lucky)

Ultimate guy with excellent skills

He is cool :D! With a good attitude :)!

He is a good guy and exilent skils and great attitude he is a to good and most importent world he is a priceless frnd because he is my childhood frnd he is veary close to me according to me he is a king of the code breaker

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22 Sachin Dedhia

He is the best speaker I ever listened, has in depth knowledge about the real life cases & that shows from the fact that he has delivered training's to the police departments also. - jaslok99

He is excellent speaker, drives home the points to the perfection..

He is been around for many years, conducted more then 500 seminars on Cyber Crime, across various sections of the society.. Hats off to this guy

Don't have attitude like others..

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23 Arvind Pagare

Just 17 Year old guy with great hacking skills
Know for his website

24 Devjeet Singh

He is a good Cyber Security Researcher and apart from that he is a nice guy :) he should be in top ten

He is a good hacker and does legal good productive things.He should be in top 10.

He presented impossible work on ethical hacking and he's my guide also.

Awesome guy down to earth

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25 Vikram Chouhan

I think vikram is the best hacker of India

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26 Sen Haxor

So Proud! I'm His Friend.. He used to sit near to Me in Classroom. He don't look Like Hacker, Rather he look Like Joker. But Now am feeling Proud.

Great in his own way of owning servers... Helps others by his tutes..! Shares knowledge unlike other hackers...

Just awesome man no words to describe

Best hacker - alkhabeth111

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27 Trishneet Arora Trishneet Arora

I love him very much


Such a nice guy, very down to earth champ. I met him once at Conference in Mumbai. He was speaker, he trained various police and intelligence organization. Hats off to him. May god bless him.

Keep it up (y) - ibnn8

Nice work by him. Good - technologylover

28 Gaurav Kumar Dubey

Good job sir ji

Great work

good one

Aaj kal innovis me

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29 Manjesh S

Facebook bug bounty hunter..

Great Ethical hacker in India..

He hacked Facebook at age 18.. it's a Record guys..

One of the sweetest person and craziest head I've worked with!

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30 Navdeep Singh

He Is Great Hacker In India, I Want to Met It

Great security analyst and trainer I have ever meet. Hats off... - rakeshkumar

He teaches everyone that want to learn hacking so he's a very good man - pradeepsingh

He is the leading very down to earth human may he grow much successful the all boasters

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31 Striker Indishell

God editor how can you forget striker :O addind all other names ask all above contenders where this Str1k3r belongs Or Google yourself

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32 Haxor Rahul

Great teacher and most talented person and most resourceful person making India proud

Rahul Gupta is Best Hacking Teacher & Dynamic Personality

Rahul Sir Is The Best Teacher I ever Seen, In My Hacking Arena

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33 3thicalnoob
34 Surya Prakash Vyas
35 Atul Alex Cherian

I am the greatest hacker in the world all pigs, I will come on first very soon :D

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36 Mahendra (White Hat)
37 Aasim (Root Devil) V 3 Comments
38 Mohit Kumar
39 Rock India

One of the Great Indian Hacker with a excellent hacking knowledge. He hacked into high profile servers of Bangladesh, Pakistan and china. He is the best Indian ethical hacker.

Amongst the Top Hackers of India. Simple guy, who hacks to protect Indian web. Simply love this guy for his extra ordinary hacking skills.

Brave Patriotic Indian Hacker. Hacks for India.

Indian hacker working for own country is a great one I want to be like him

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40 Manish Tanwar

Awesome guy.. This coding skills are too good... Main think I like about him is his willing to learn and explore.. Nice guy too in general life.. Don't have attitude like others.. Nice coding.. 60-70% people in cyber world uses his shell...

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