Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

Top 10 ethical hackers of India. A Joint description of Microsoft and 4xhack

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41 Surya

Don't have words to express about him

Expert in os hacking

1337... :v oO Real 1337 :D


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42 Ezekiel S Kottarathil

"A System Without Internet Is Like A Gun Without Magazine"

He Is Good At Web Application Security and Networking

The Man Who Has Power In His Hand

He is good hacker, loved his work..

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43 Harshil Patel (Gray Hat)

He is Grate "Gray Hat Hacker"...

Master Of SQL Injection

Expert In Find Vernablities Of Any Website

44 Rafay Baloch

I'm great hacker in the world, I got 10000$ from paypal for finding critical command execution flaw. And I also listed in google facebook wtc...

45 Venomous Worm

Working with various Indian and Foreign Hacking group. Lead many operations against Pakistani and Bangladeshi Hackers. Recently Defaced 3000 pak sites.

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46 Kunga_Vikas

Real knowledge of hacking...

Awesome guy with helping nature...

47 Dr. Harsha E Thennarasu

I know him. His knowledge level is extremely poor. India needs real cyber experts. If you talk to him you will know the level of knowledge he has. He is good at marketing him self.

Harsha is one among 5 speakers in India risk management conference

Harsha articles on IT next magazine was informative & also heard his Security training he is excellent. Keep up the good work!


He is simply great

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48 Vineet Bharadwaj

He use to teach hacking in a very different way with fun and also interesting hope I can learn or spent more time with him. Great experince I spent with him..

Nice person and very down to earth.

Young age Ethical hacker and securitu researcher. Wrote a ebook and couple of articles. Listed in many hall of fame and got bounties...

He taught me WAPT, I was new in this field I don't know what testing is before I met him I only knows basic of Ceh and he worked on me and make me stand in my company because of him in WAPT sector. Thanks for such well teaching now he is my friend too :) thanks sir


He is one of the best hackers I ever meeting, so for me he is the best.

He is by far fastest hacker I have ever seen. He's knowledge is very good, very down to earth. I meet him at DU campus at his workshop. - rohit1989

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50 Tuhin Mukherjee
51 Shubham Gautam

Sir, you are really have great knowledge and clear concepts no one can describe as you.

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52 Root Codefire

Nyc guy I have attended many seminar on Ethical Hacking but sincerely this guy too awesome and loyal to his work. He is Best Security Researcher in India

One Word Only #Respect

Sexy buddy always cool, dangerous, attitude is also good.

Best hacker..

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53 Dhiraj Mishra

A person who chose this field to spread knowledge. Had a great experience of learning with him

Dhiraj Sir is the Best! - mortal

A treasure of knowledge!

He is very focused,dedicated and committed towards his work.
Man with great knowledge and good skills.

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54 Hemant Sharma

I am big hacker

Great hacker... Majestic work

His a bigger hacker of india

It's only for you

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55 Intekhab Alam

Expert programmer and linux geek..

Expert programmer and Linux guru.. _/\_

Hamara hi chela he

56 Rajat Grover

You are best sir, I love your way of teaching and expertise.
Rajat Grover is best at his skills as well as A great Entrepreneur,
I am totally impressed of his achievements, He is working with many communities as well as dealing with many companies regarding Web development, IT Security, Forensics etc


Having totally unique concepts for all his products and services
Really Appreciated!

I am his first student and got job of 1 Lacs per month, Just loved Rajat Sir training and his Company Ficklem Networks Pvt Ltd, as they are having awesome services and products, I would recommend to all


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57 Blackhat Ganesh

Blackhat ganesh is best and ethical hacker... He share to all for learn hacking and helpful man in hacking

IT IS very help for other people to introduce in it...

He teaches everyone that want to learn hacking so he's a very good man

Best hacker in chennai

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58 Aarshit Mittal (Ashell)

Who said ankit fadia is great. his own website got hacked by many script kiddies
Arshit mittall have frequent knowledge in hacking

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59 Kapil Soni

Silently worker, sir em biggest fan of you and real inspiration for me

Great security analyst and trainer I have ever meet. Hats off...

Very nice person. And very good achiever.

The great hacker soni...

60 CyberboyIndishell
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