Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

Top 10 ethical hackers of India. A Joint description of Microsoft and 4xhack

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61 Vandana Chouhan
62 Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh is one of the youngest Ethical Hacker in India. - his1792

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63 Aakash Kumar

hello sir

64 Harsha (w4rl0ck)

Good at wifi exploits

U r my role model

Yes a comment box is not enough for him

Such a computer nerd

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65 Jayant Krishnamurthy
66 Abhishek Sharma

Hack your site too

67 Vj Haxor India
68 Shivam Srivastava

Age 17... Became famous Indian hacker... Also hacked 800+ social id's, 500+ websites.. N airtel company...

69 Shawn Rishabh

May its not famous name. But still work of this man is great. Not in news but some work of his is unbelievable

70 Meow Meow
71 Silent Poison
72 Narendra Bhati

Genuine and skilled security researcher - Testbybob

73 Chirag Patel

He is a very Good Carder and steal credit card information and book hotels in any part of the world and mostly at Mumbai and Goa

74 Krunal Shah
75 Chirag Paghadal

Good work in ethical hacking field.

Good work in Ethical hacking field

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76 Golden Vivek

He will be best..

77 Mohit Yadav

Well Known Cyber Security Expert

78 Rahul Thakur

Working in cybercure technology
A good guy working in this field

You have to be in top 10
Work more and you will get success.
Hip hip hurrah

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79 Maulik Kotak

Maulik Kotak is a great Ethical hacker also doing in social engineering Expert also many case solve investigate and many site listed his name his smart worker to achieve his goal also great Personality!

Keep it up sir...

He is a great Hacker< when I was mistakenly hacked in 2013 through the fake id he has done out me. Thanks a lot Sir For your help. Hope your future will to Bright...

Such wonderful guy he is genius personality and Independent Ethical hacker of Gujarat

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80 Nikhil Srivasatav
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