Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

Top 10 ethical hackers of India. A Joint description of Microsoft and 4xhack

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81 Kapil
82 Jigar Thakkar
83 Raphael Grey
84 Hari Prasad
85 Amol Jogdand

Is the best hacker age 17
Is working any software cracking & hacking
Email hack web hack antiv hack

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86 Amal Ratheesan

He is an Awesome Ethical Hacker!

Great number 1 hacker in kerala
Aged 17
Hacking computer is the main hobby

I know's Him personally.. Nice Guy...


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87 Eshan Sharma

He is number 1 hacker

He is the best

Number 1 hacker


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88 Devender Mahto


Give me the mobileedit forensic toolkit... Working and fully genuine and I am so happy while voting here for U... :D

Best hacker

Maine to pahle hi kaha the ki guru ye log cheating karte hai top 10 m rakhne ki jagah top 30 m rakha hua hai :P, and thanks for all your support mahto sahab

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89 Anurag Srivastava

Anurag is d youngest hacker of India.. Soon he is going to b on the top.. All d best buddy.. Go on!

Oh! Here comes the best hacker of India...Anurag Srivastava! Keep it up!

Nice to see your name here.. Whole integral cse-1 is proud of U.. Please keep on going anurag..!

All the Best Dear.. Lots of love..

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90 Arvind Singh Shekhawat

Arvind Singh Shekhawat is 20 year old Cyber Security Expert, Ethical Hacker & Cyber Crime Consultant.

Best cyber security expert. And now learning ethical hacking

Best cyber security researcher

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91 Saiyf Jilani

Nice attitude and great Skills

He is brilliant in solving query's

AGE 19
ADDRESS India ( don't know where )

He started Hacking at the age of 17.
He first created an hack D hacker for his revenge.
Later he started to hack into websites and defacing it.
He is good at social engineering.
Now he is very much working on illegal hacking and server hacking.

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92 S@mur@!

Please vote him, he is a very good in his profile and very dedicated and crazy about ethical hacking.

East or best samurai is the best...because hi is mad about ethical hacking..

Now here's the real hacker. Real name is unknown.. But I've seen this name.. I wanna know this man.. Wanna know his identity.. It would be great to know with real name.. Till now I know single thing bout S@mua@i.
S@mur@i all over the web...

He is the best in his field I know him very well

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93 Zishan Rider


Good hacker he is,

He is Good Cyber Security Expert

He is Good Hacker & Security Expert

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94 Ahmed Raza Memon

One of the Great Indian Hacker with a excellent hacking knowledge

He is best hacker...

Kind genuine and high skilled person.

Keep rocking..!

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95 VInod_##H3KR

You are best I love your way of teaching and expertise.
He is best at his skills
I am totally impressed of his achievements, He is working with many communities as well as dealing with many companies regarding Web development, IT Security, Forensics et

He is very popular white hat hacker he found Xss in many websites and use I efficient way of hacking he is India's leading hacker he is popular day by day

He Has Not Attitude But a Best Security Expert
1He is Good Cyber Security Expert

Your blog is so nice

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96 MananRockx

Manan is best


97 Kol Hakzz

He is a rakshak of India cyber Space

He is really a great hacker
And also a guy...

98 Yogesh Vishwakarma

Very nice young boy having lots of knowledge of cyber securities.

Good guy and also help full to all students of Security

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99 Mohit Sahu
100 Raj the Hacker

Great dude you are doing really the right job. Help those who are in need...

A great boy from Sambalpur, India. He has cracked many websites, security systems & cyber space building. If you do not believe. I am giving his No. 8270859989. Just Call him he will definitely solve your problem...

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