Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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101 Raj the Hacker

Great dude you are doing really the right job. Help those who are in need...

A great boy from Sambalpur, India. He has cracked many websites, security systems & cyber space building. If you do not believe. I am giving his No. 8270859989. Just Call him he will definitely solve your problem...

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102 Jinen Patel V 1 Comment
103 Yogesh Kashyap
104 Bijesh
105 Sri Haxor

He might be helping mozilla at least if there is more peace :P

106 N B Sri Harsha

Nice ethical hacker, who helps everyone and shares his knowledge

Nice attitude with great skills

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107 Harsh Daftary

Very nice with reverse engineering skills

Sir I want to be an hacker please help me

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108 The Waledac
109 Gourab Paul V 3 Comments
110 Amit Shinde

Cool hacker with many new ideas in mind

Like to learn...willl

111 Piraterex

He is Awesome... He know real hacking

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112 Deepak Bhardwaj Hacker
113 Abhijeth Dugginapeddi


He is my role model! I have come to this field because of him :) Extremely humble. Sir you are awesome

114 CyberAce
115 Nakul Mohan
116 Rajesh Mondal

Best hacker from India. A lot of good sites hacked by him. But he is silent.

Sir I want to be an hacker like you

117 Prajwal Panchmahalkar

Great hacker and mentor

118 Ayush Raniwala

He has conquered quite a lot for a 16-17 year old, one of the top hackers in social engineering, downloaded his application and was highly impressed by his work

Can't believe he is 189 suberb hacker I heard he once debugged a virus at age of 14

Nice work just tried the word list made by him

A young kid, who started from scratch and has made it to the top overcoming all social-barriers along his way.

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119 Aaditya Purani (in73ct0r D3vil)

I have Worked with Him Before, he has amazing Grasping power and Knowledge. His expertise in the field of Web application security is immense. He is actually far better than the rest of these Hackers.

Currently, the best one. With good white hat skills and good knowledge.

I have worked with him before, He is passionate, Energetic and confident about his work. He is one of the finest White Hat Hacker who started his journey from India and now he plays with World's Number 1 CTF Team. Obviously, he should be rated much higher than this

He doesn't even deserves to be in this list lol. He knows much more than all of peeps listed here. Respect

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120 Mahesh Rakheja

He is a good Website security analyst

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