Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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141 Virender C. Nishad (Mr.Tricker)

The way you explain there might be some 1 who wouldn't understand the things easily - montushrike

He started haCking at age of 14-15.
And he hacked thousands of websites and help many peoples.
He is a great web developers also. - cyberworld586

I have attended yours workshop which tells that you are exceptional - mukeshpal

Great ethical...with amazing skills of teaching it to students in workshops - dharmeshbharwad

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142 Madhav Somani

Nice Work, like yo see you on market

Masta banda

He was bone with this Talent and skill set
He is in Hacking since he was in 8th
Create Scripts for Trojan and Crypters
Also submitted Vulnerability at Nasa. Gov, kickass. To, piratebay etc
Hacked 9080 websites, in 1 hr as compete of "THC"
Create android botnet and malwares

You are the winner of App a thon (Nagpur), am I right, I just saw your name in Times of India news article

Nice to see your work and congratulation

143 Shivam Patoliya

Too much interesting training skills...loved the way he is hacking..ETHICALLY.

I amazed by his way of understanding and explaining security flow.

He is very talented and I am happy to see him and his hacking trick

Nice to have a "ETHICAL " HACKER like you. Such a profitable service that I received from you. Great service "ShKruHACK".

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144 Rakhas Mintoo

The young energetic guy with alternative mind to do all the immpossibles - MINTOO

He is the best because he is better then best and can the immpossible - MINTOO

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145 Ravi Vishwakarma

He hacked Facebook age 19.

146 Raj Bhatt
147 Anshu Gupta
148 Prince Rawat
149 Pflash Punk

The way uh explain the stuffs in workshops that is really awesome - brainder

One of the Great Indian Hacker with a excellent hacking knowledge - shubhamgavli

He is the best official ethical hacker I have ever seen. Saying this as I am his student - sammistry

I want to learn this from where should I start - chiragrathod

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150 Pankaj Patidar

Indian 2nd Youngest Author Published Book on Hacking By The name of " You Can Hack : The Art Of Exploitation " - PankajPatidar

I think he is the youngest certified ethical hacker at the age of 16...

He is one if the best Hacker of this Generation. please Vote Him To make into Top 10

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151 Minhal Mehdi
152 Yash Decently Mischivious
153 Ffe Ssxt Prince Indishell

One of the attacker from team indishell. For more details go and Google name

154 Robait
155 Aakash Shukla
156 Anup Singh
157 Vasudevareddy

'one of the greatest indian hackers... "

158 Chandrakant Nial

A Real Skilled Hacker On the Top of all Above.
He Is Good In all Kind Of Hacking and People Friendly.

159 Almad Malik
160 carbon 29

He is the best hacker I ever seen he hacked in nasa at 15 and find bug in apple 16 also hacked facebook main server at 17 now he is working for nasa as security expert

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