Best Etika Moments

RIP Desmond Amofah aka Etika. Here are some of the most iconic moments from his videos and streams:

The Top Ten

1 The dark web streams

It's bad to see him committing suicide - BorisRule

rip - Not_A_Weeaboo

3 His reaction to the Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal trailer

"SNAKE OH MY GOD" Etika's reactions were hilarious and he had a very bright personality. I still miss him heaps. R.I.P Etika - Aidanisawesome

4 His reaction to Ridley's Smash Bros announcement trailer
5 Playing the Smash Bros 3DS demo with a terrible microphone
6 His reaction to Cloud's Smash Bros announcement trailer
7 His reaction to Twintelle in ARMS
8 His reaction to the Ricegum Content Cop
9 The Doki Doki Literature Club streams
10 Someone pays people to jump around, make noises, and say "Etika loves Minecraft"
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