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1 The frick-frack diddly dack paddy whack thumbtack backtrack biofeed back (have sex)

Also referred to as. "slap N tickle" which is cuter but nowhere near as funny. - Britgirl

You know what, V? I have no idea I can only assume it''s something... ;). - Britgirl

I'm almost afraid to ask, Beege , but... where the deuce does the thumbtack come in?

2 Shark week (woman's time of the month)

Do I look like the type of girl who stuffs gherkins (kosher or otherwise) into her mouth, V? Hmm? Actually it was a perfectly imperfect cucumber. :P - Britgirl

"Mouthful? " Large gherkin? (Hope it's Kosher;))

I would laugh out loud at that, V, but I never laugh with a mouthful. :). - Britgirl

This is really funny, Beege . Ya know what else was funny? Your Trump joke. But it made me think: Why would Jeremy Corbyn sit on the floor of a "ram-packed" Virgin train? Because only a capitalist pig would lie about not "ram-packing" a Virgin, and it takes a socialist pig to have a proper look from the ground up.

3 Fast Driving Award (speeding ticket)

Mama was laughing hardly

4 Fluffing bunnies (farting)
5 Doing the Funky Chicken (desperate to use the toilet)

Ha! "Need the bath-room, shaka-laka-laka, room-shaka-laka-laka! "

6 Shut the front door (shut the f*** up)

Or you could just say: "excuse me, old chap would you mind shutting your cake hole? " - Britgirl

Or... here's a unique idea - just say what you mean, directly and concisely. I don't know, maybe worth a try? - Billyv

All right, big guy. Shut the f*** up!

7 Extracting the urine (taking the p*** out of something / someone)
8 Saluting the flag (have an erection)

I thought it was "pitching a tent". - shawnmccaul22

That's why we call her "Old Glory," Beege

9 Salad dodger (a fat person)
10 Budgie smugglers (Speedos)

If you're talking about stooping to stereotypical humor, you might have a point. Doesn't make it any less funny, though.:D

Haha, V, What's that noise...? Can you hear that? Sounds like...the bottom of a barrel being scraped to me. What do you think? ;)) - Britgirl

Hah! Englishmen. Over here, they havta' be able to pack an emu:))

Yeehah! An A from V!
"Angry badger"...ha! Yup. Pretty much. :). - Britgirl

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11 The Poop Factory (Digestive System)
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1. The frick-frack diddly dack paddy whack thumbtack backtrack biofeed back (have sex)
2. Shark week (woman's time of the month)
3. Fast Driving Award (speeding ticket)


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