The Best Euro & World Cup Football Championship

The Top Ten The Best Euro & World Cup Football Championship

1 World Cup 2006 (In Germany)
2 Euro 2004 (In Portugal)

I think this tournament was the most surprising with Greece coming out as European Champion! , but a pleasant one this things should happen more often - MatrixGuy

3 World Cup 1998 (In France)

I Still Remember France's sensational 3-0 win over Brazil in the final with 2 great goalheaders from Zidane - MatrixGuy

4 World Cup 1994 (In USA)
5 Euro 2008 (In Austria & Switzerland)
6 World Cup 2002 (In Korea & Japan)
7 Euro 2000 (In Belgium & Netherlands)

the last euro of the 20th century, with France managing to become the winner after the 1998 world cup success - MatrixGuy

8 World Cup 1990 (In Italy)
9 Euro 1996 (In England)
10 World Cup 2010 (In South Africa)

the first one held in Africa, I think it went pretty well, it was a great tournament, spain managed to hold the trophy in Europe - MatrixGuy

The Contenders

11 World Cup 1930 (In Uruguay)

The first World Cup final it will be always a special one - MatrixGuy

12 World Cup 1986 (in Mexico)
13 World Cup 1970 (in Mexico)
14 World Cup 1958 (in Sweden)
15 World Cup 1954 (in Switzerland)
16 Euro 1984 (in France)
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