Best Europe Albums of the 80s and 90s

Here you can vote what album from -83 to -91 is the best by Europe! Their 21-century albums are not included.

The Top Ten

1 Prisoners In Paradise

In the sales, this was a disaster, but musically, it's a masterpiece! They nailed the guitars just right and the singing was amazing! It has meaningful lyrics and it is simply awesome. It is by far the best Europe album, even if you include the ones from 2004 and forward!

2 Out of This World

This is a great album! It has some of the greatest guitar solos by Kee Marcello and some of the best songs by Europe! It's just a shame the Thomas Erdtman (their manager during this album) screwed up and cancelled the ongoing tour with definitely Leppard, because if he hadn't, it would have sold far more from what it did!

3 The Final Countdown

It's a great album, but it's nowhere near Prisoners in Paradise or Out Of This World! It has it's moments like The Final Countdown, Rock The Night, Carrie, Cherokee and Ninja. But the lead track of the album, The Final Countdown, is a good song but it's not as good as a handfull of Prisoners-songs.

4 Wings of Tomorrow

Good album, some strong songs. Wings of Tomorrow, Scream of Anger and Dreamer to name some. But not as good as the above.

5 Europe

Pretty good album. Words of Wisdom is a great song in my opinion, but the rest isn't so good.

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