European Teams Most Likely to Be In the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final

The Top Ten European Teams Most Likely to Be In the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final

1 Spain

Sorry to tell you but Spain will not advance to the round of 16 after 2 losses in the group stage and a -6 goal difference, I think they should be cut off from the list. - SelfDestruct

I think my team are gonna win the cup (SPIAN) they have got a great team the lost agianst Netherlands are nothing. Casillas must step up his game

2 Germany

Why does everybody think Germany are going to win the World Cup.

They have the squad, so why not?

They've been 2nd in 2002, 3rd in 2006 and 2010. Now it's time for them to become first! - straubalexander

Germany will win it all! They made it to the world cup finals!
They will win win win win...

3 Italy

Italy is z best team in the world
Forza italia

4 Netherlands

Never have seen them starting like this. All fired up and working as a team should. I so hope this year will be orange!

They have crushed Spain 5-1 already

We got the flying dutchman

My favorite team nederland forever. Go and win

5 France

They're doing really well... They'll definitely go through

6 Portugal

That may/will not happen. Not being a Portugal hater but still, their losses may lead to an early leave in the group stage. - SelfDestruct

7 England
8 Belgium

The dark horse of them all. I have high hopes that they will dominate all of the countries in the World Cup with their tactical skills.

9 Poland
10 Russia

The Contenders

11 Finland
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