Best European Television Channels


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Can't vote for any other channel on here but the BBC, since I don't know the others. And I totally concur; it has the best news and definitely the best comedies! - Britgirl

The British Broadcasting is my Favorite Channel. Even though it is in English. But the hilarious comedies and intriguing news it is so worth watching! - Epekov

Ah, BBC, where would I be without you? Entertaining me for as long as I can remember. - PositronWildhawk

The one and only. You just can't beat the classics like this

2 Polonia 1
3 Telewizja Puls
4 Polcast Television
5 Canal+ Group

This is probably my second favorite even though it is 5th. It is a cable channel. - Epekov

6 Polsat Group
7 Telewizja Polska
8 PTV Echo

This used to be part of Polonia 1. It helped the fall of communism in Poland. It is like a Polish BBC.


I come to my Italian Grandma's house in England, they watch Rai there

10 Prosieben

I love this one! Why didn't I put it on here? - Epekov

Best German Television Channel

The Contenders

11 Channel 4
12 RTE
13 BNT

I live in Bulgaria so BNT was my childhood, good kid shows and idents there was also a Soviet cartoon called Nu Pogodi(Well, wait for it). Today BNT has interesting show called Pod prikrite. - BorisRule

14 Mediaset
15 ITV
16 EuroSport
17 Fox
18 AXN
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