Song That Should Be Evanescence's 3rd Single From Their 2011 Self Titled Album

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1 Lost in Paradise

This song is great. It shows how personal Evanescence can really be, and they could make a great music video out of this. This song is so personal, and everyone should be able to relate to it in some way. This song wins the competition for next single by far!

If people loved My Immortal, then they will die for Lost in Paradise. It's like My Immortal, but a billion times more personal and beautiful!

An amazing song, definitely Amy sings from his heart, you can feel it in her voice, she knows how to reach our hearts just talking about their feelings

It's a must! It got to the Billboard chart without any promotion; it was played at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert and millions of people from 130 different countries watched it! What do you want more? Definitely a gem on EV3!

2 The Change

The song is good and very catchy.. It would be really great is this song would be a single.. Just think about the music video Evanescence is going to make for this one.. If this becomes the next single..

It's completely different to anything else on the album and really so emotional and powerful. Needs to have a video and be heard by the public :-D

This song feels so close to me and I bet to everyone! It's a great song and it definitely gonna be a smashing hit! (If that matters to anyone )

I think Lost In Paradise would be perfect as a 4th single meanwhille, I think The Change should be their 3rd one, it's a beautiful powerful song and easy to rely on

3 Made of Stone

One of their strongest tracks ever, and due to the fact it will be on the Underworld's next film soundtrack, it would be a great oportunity for becoming a succesful single. Lost In Paradise has already been announced by Amy Lee as a future single, and I think it would not be a good idea having two ballads succeeding each other as singles; after My Heart Is Broken, Made Of Stone could be a great choice, and just then Lost In Paradise.

I love the lyrics and the beat also amy is so high voice and high notes she can reach.

4 Erase This

This song is just great and is straight forward gets into your heart I would love to see a music video for it its fast paced gothic rocking as hell its very powerful and cool

5 Never Go Back

I think evanescence will make this a single because it's actually their heaviest song made, most of their fans are crazy for this song and I think the band altogether will make a bigger deal out of it because it was based on a real life disaster, they have to make this a single and I'm sure they will.

Rock and melody combined and the bizarre atmosphere highly empowered with Amy's voice. The lyrics are nice which are deep as well. A must "listen"! Thumbs up!

It's a heavy song compared to the other songs in the new album. I love the guitars and the beat so WoW. Yeah Thumbs up

Best song on the album by far. Needs to be heard by the general public. YEAH!

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6 Oceans

Because Oceans reminds me of their very early start and humble beginnings. For me, it is a very dark but yet a very beautiful song. So, I really love it.

7 The Other Side

Because The Other Side is on of my favorites in the Newest Album EVANESCENCE! And it talks about the Life and Death dimensions!

This song is so well-worked that I can't believe it! The perfect combination of meaningfull lyrics, metal music, powerful drums, the electronic piano (part at the bridge) and of course the stunning Lee's vocals...! Is this a better way to express life and death than this song? No! SSOO GO AND SINGLE IT!

8 Sick
9 End of the Dream
10 Swimming Home

This is completely different than anything they've ever done! The word, "ethereal" comes to mind when I hear this song!

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11 New Way to Bleed
12 My Heart Is Broken
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