Top Ten Events That Would Happen In a Zombie Apocalypse


The Top Ten

1 Zombies corner you while you are making a top ten list

Happened to me and I'm being eaten right now bye bye - ToptenPizza

I've had worse...
Okay, maybe not. - Rocko

2 Fan bases train the zombies to fight to protect their favorite celebrity

You know they will, and they will also make them fight the other fanbases. Now if you excuse me I have a mandatory skyarmy meeting I must go to, we need new zombie recruits. - ToptenPizza

3 Zombies learn how to use nukes

End of humanity if zombie made nuke! Bye World!

That would be a nightmare. - ToptenPizza

4 Persian army and Spartan army declare war on each other
5 The Roman Empire returns
6 Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley have a concert

Michael Jackson could do thriller! That would be cool because he's a zombie, get it! - ToptenPizza

I would love to see that. - Delgia2k

I would love to see this. - Minecraftcrazy530

7 We have to move to Mars

It kind of makes sense because it would be chaotic but I rather live in the country side so I'm less likely to be killed by zombies or and island nation in the middle of the ocean like Bermuda.

Yes! The mars colony is finally happening! - ToptenPizza

8 Animals we killed seek revenge

We sort of deserve to be torn apart by vicious bunnies. - ToptenPizza

They would kill us for killing them and eating them

9 We make the undead a part of TheTopTens TV show

A new season, with zombies. We should make it! - ToptenPizza

10 An antidote turns them into dragons

How to train your Dragon.

School would be more interesting. - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 Everyone gets quarantined

So if thare is an aoutbreak then evryone who has the infection that are not zombies would get quarentened.

12 The world unites

What I mean is if the zombie apocalypse is worldwide than world leaders would form an alliance to stop the zombie apocalypse.

13 An evil umbrella corporation creates a virus that starts the zombie apocalypse
14 The Nazi zombies rise from the dead
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