Best Every Witch Way Cast Members


The Top Ten

1 Tyler Alvarez

If Diego is the most voted on the best characters, why isn't Tyler Alvarez no. 1?!?!?

Greatest actor ever!

At least No. 1

He's great in High School Lover and American Vandal too

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2 Paris Smith Paris Smith
3 Daniela Nieves
4 Paola Andino Paola Andino Paola Nicole Andino is an American actress known for her lead role as Emma Alonso in the Nickelodeon series, Every Witch Way.
5 Rahart Adams
6 Nick Merico Nick Merico
7 Louis Tomeo
8 Autumn Wendel
9 Zoey Burger
10 Jackie Frazey

The Contenders

11 Mavrick Moreno
12 Kendall Ryan Sanders
13 Denisea Wilson
14 Danielle Soibelman
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