Top 10 Everybody Loves Raymond Episodes

Of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, what is your top 10? This is my first top 10 but I know that this is probably the hardest top 10 for me to make, chose 30 that I thought were really good and they all seem to me as top 10, I tried writing it down rearranging and it took me about an hour and a half, but I finally got to it. Here it is! Edit it, re-edit it, like it, comment it!

The Top Ten

1 She's the One

Flippin funny

The look on Rays face when she ate the fly was priceless. Gotta feel sorry for Robert at the end though.

2 Frank Paints the House

Needs another coat

3 Lucky Suit

The look on Robert's face is hilarious every time. Best episode ever.

That face is scary but hilarious


4 Frank Goes Downstairs
5 Boys' Therapy

Should definitely be higher up on the list.

6 Marie's Sculpture

This episode was the funniest because when Ray told Robert what the sculpture was he looked back at it and he was pretty shocked, when Marie found out what it was she said "oh my god I'm a lesbian", Robert mocking Marie's voice who else, and finally Frank

7 The Angry Family

This should be number 1. It's the best, it's one of the funniest, and the twist ending is so good.

8 Homework
9 The Bird
10 The Kicker

The Contenders

11 Bad Moon Rising

Great, Debra made me crazy

Watching now on Netflix.

Ray: "The woman that shows up once a month to rip into me like a monkey on a cupcake! "

Debra: "Why don't you try giving me a hug?! "

Couple of great lines from possibly a top three episode.


12 Cousin Gerard
13 Marie and Frank's New Friends
14 Raybert
15 The Letter
16 The Plan
17 Robert's Wedding
18 The Wallpaper

Why isn't this number 1? Frank and Marie crashing the car through the house was probably the most classic moment of the series.

19 The Toaster

Marie:I'm a trophy wife
Frank:You're a trophy wife? What kind of contest from hell did I win?


20 Italy
21 T-Ball
22 Ping Pong
23 The Canister
24 Meeting the Parents
25 Sex Talk

I found this one kind of boring

26 Tissues
27 The Faux Pas

Frank - Marie you told me he was black!
Marie - No I didn't! I said he was African American.

Hilarious episode!

28 Lateness
29 The Skit
30 Baggage

This one won an Emmy for writing, and it deserves to be much higher on the list.

31 Robert's Divorce
32 Older Women
33 Annoying Kid
34 Somebody Hates Raymond
35 Marie's Meatballs
36 Cookies

The episode when Peggy beats up Ray LOL.

37 Debra Makes Something Good

One of my favorites. Needs to be much higher.

38 Hackidu

Buy em buy em buy em buy em Hackidu!

39 Crazy Chin
40 The Christmas Picture

How is this not in the top ten!

41 Home Alone

This is my 2nd favorite episode after Snow Day

42 Golf For It
43 Pat's Secret
44 The Can Opener
45 Turkey Or Fish

Very funny and original - cabbage

46 Brothers
47 The Game The Game Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known by his stage name The Game, is an American rapper and actor. He was born on November 29, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. Game spent most of his childhood in foster care (up until high school) even though he knew all of his brothers and sisters. Since 2002, Game more.
48 Traffic School
49 Driving Frank
50 A Vote For Debra
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1. Homework
2. Cousin Gerard
3. Marie and Frank's New Friends
1. Bad Moon Rising
2. She's the One
3. Marie's Sculpture
1. She's the One
2. Frank Paints the House
3. Lucky Suit

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