Top Ten Best Everybody Loves Raymond Quotes

The Top Ten Best Everybody Loves Raymond Quotes

1 "Holy Crap" by Frank Barone

This is funny, and he says all the time. - Therandom

2 "I don't like that Raymond" by Marie Barone

Whenever Ray make innuendos. - Therandom

This makes me so happy!
25 - 30 times through entire series.

3 "Everybody Loves Raymond" by Robert Barone

In a lot of the intros he says this. - Therandom

4 "Is this about me?" by Robert Barone

He is insecure but funny. - Therandom

5 "Idiot" by Debra Barone

She calls Ray this. - Therandom

6 "Cleaning is cleaning" by Marie Barone

I made a mistake. Debra says this not Marie. - Therandom

She says this to Debra. - Therandom

7 "Marie lunch" by Frank Barone
8 "Hi I'm Ray" by Ray Barone
9 "Now not all families would defy gravity for you, but mine would because". By Ray Barone.
10 "I thought I saw you when I was looking through the window" by Marie Barone

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11 Stupid Stinkin Hump
12 "Raymond, Raymond, Raymond!" -Robert
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