Top 10 Everyday Activities That Are Illegal In North Korea

Hello! NOrth Korea Is The Most Dangerous Country In The World!

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1 Surfing The Web

That's why I can't live there (along with many other reasons) - Ananya

What the hell?
Then how am I using it? Even I live there, Internet Cafes have become common in recent years. - DPRK_Rocks

Its probably legal in the capital, its legal to drive in the capital.

Guess I can’t watch YouTube.

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2 Pornography

North Korea is right for making the illegal. I bet people who dislike this comment watch it themselves. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Porn isn't even entertaining at all. Not much of a thing for it to be banned.

When you watched porn in North Korea, you will be executed. That's a fact - Delgia2k

I understand why North Korea banned this...

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3 Traveling Abroad

Sad... That's why I don't like DPRK that much. I hope they'd open their country more.

4 Driving

Why...? I mean, it's to get to work quicker, it would help them! - ToptenPizza

I read that people can only drive if they live in Pyongyang.

What the hell?
I daily drive to my office in my car, and the traffic in Pyongyang is indeed heavy. Traffic jams are seen everyday.
How is driving illegal? - DPRK_Rocks

Only government state officials can drive - Bearskater13

5 Saying Kim Jong Un is Fat
6 Playing Music

Is there even a North Korean word for "music"?

They actually have their version of music. It's called NK pop - CartoonistKing

I don't know

7 International Calls

Some guy in NK did this and was executed by firing squad. And I think this list was from Alltime10s.

8 Making Fun of President

Kill Kim! They didn't celebrate his 34th Birthday this year, maybe the citizens are become more sane! Someone Kill Kim!

North Koreans think leader as a god not made fun at

9 Choosing a Different Haircut That's Not in the 28 that are Legal
10 Practicing Religion

Normal for every communist country out there.

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11 Not Voting

And its illegal to vote for another person, they all have to vote for the same one.

12 Watching Television

It's illegal

According to wikipedia they have these channels
1. Korean Central Television
2. Mansudae Television
3. Ryongnamsan Television
4. Sport Television
According to wikipedia they had a television series in 1980 called A New Spring in Sokgaeul which was a drama.

Um... never mind. I guess watching T.V. isn't good anyway! I don't watch it a lot anymore though.

Only state propaganda is allowed to watch.they only have 3 channels - Bearskater13

13 Drinking Alcohol

This is a very good rule, it should really be banned, North Korea has done the only good thing

It is sold like Soft drinks here. We consider them rather like Cola. - DPRK_Rocks

DPRK_Rocks you probably live in the capital Pyongyang, seeing as you said about traffic jams and nearly everything is probably legal there. Everywhere else in North Korea its illegal to drive, use the internet, drink alcohol.

I think it's only during holidays - Bearskater13

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14 Watching South Korean Movies

I know this makes me sound like one of those losers, but like this if South Korea is better than North Korea.

Stupid and racist.


15 Wearing Jeans
16 Criticizing the Government
17 Saying Anything Negative About Kim Jong Un
18 Trying to Leave the Country

Some call North Korea a "prison", and this law is the reason why.

19 Tourists Can't Talk to Anyone Who Lives in North Korea

Even though you wouldn't even understand a single word sorry. Just watch the news when North Korea comes on.

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