Top 10 Everyday Activities That Are Illegal In North Korea

Hello! NOrth Korea Is The Most Dangerous Country In The World!

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1 Surfing The Web

That's why I can't live there (along with many other reasons) - Ananya

What the hell?
Then how am I using it? Even I live there, Internet Cafes have become common in recent years. - DPRK_Rocks

2 Pornography

North Korea is right for making the illegal. I bet people who dislike this comment watch it themselves. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Porn isn't even entertaining at all. Not much of a thing for it to be banned.

When you watched porn in North Korea, you will be executed. That's a fact - Delgia2k

A normal law, except the leader is a pig who wants to kill everyone.

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3 Traveling Abroad

Sad... That's why I don't like DPRK that much. I hope they'd open their country more.

4 International Calls

Some guy in NK did this and was executed by firing squad. And I think this list was from Alltime10s.

5 Playing Music

Is there even a North Korean word for "music"?

6 Driving

Why...? I mean, it's to get to work quicker, it would help them! - ToptenPizza

What the hell?
I daily drive to my office in my car, and the traffic in Pyongyang is indeed heavy. Traffic jams are seen everyday.
How is driving illegal? - DPRK_Rocks

7 Drinking Alcohol

This is a very good rule, it should really be banned, North Korea has done the only good thing

It is sold like Soft drinks here. We consider them rather like Cola. - DPRK_Rocks

I think that it's legal during holidays though. - NicholasYellow

8 Practicing Religion

Normal for every communist country out there.

9 Watching Television

It's illegal

Um... never mind. I guess watching T.V. isn't good anyway! I don't watch it a lot anymore though.

10 Watching South Korean Movies

I know this makes me sound like one of those losers, but like this if South Korea is better than North Korea.

Stupid and racist.


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11 Making Fun of President

North Koreans think leader as a god not made fun at

12 Saying Kim Jong Un is Fat
13 Saying Anything Negative About Kim Jong Un
14 Wearing Jeans
15 Criticizing the Government
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