Top 10 Everyday Things that Could Be Eliminated by 2030

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Cable TV

Cable TV will be inevitably become obsolete. At first that sounds like a great news event for the average consumer. However, with a lack of competition, the streaming service business may split into a million different platforms which will just make everyone either poorer or anxious of missing out.

Let's be honest, when was the last time you actually sat down and watched something on Cable TV except maybe sports? Can't remember? That's because watching TV shows on streaming is way easier, you don't have to tune in at a specific time or anything!

tbh I do not like sports so I never use cable but if it goes nobody can watch it some can at the stadium but it can not fit all the millions of people who watch them on TV nowhere near it but cable version can fit everyone so if cable goes it will likely remove everything but sports.

The only time I really use Cable TV is at hotels, since I don't have a phone and I don't feel like burning my legs with a big bulky laptop to watch TV.


I still read the newspaper every week. I feel Newspapers are more for the older generations though. Retired people don't have a lot to do and reading the newspaper could be a weekly thing. I don't really see newspapers going away. Also newspapers are a way to keep up with local news and obituaries.

When’s the last time you actually got a newspaper? Most of the big stories people are interested in you can find online. You don’t have to wait for the paper anymore now. It seems like it’s pretty much all digital. Unless you’re over the age of like 60, you won’t have to walk out in your robe to get the paper. You can read the local news from the comfort of your own bed.

I could likely see this happening. With all of the mainstream news happening today, it seems likely to me.

Easy access to information via the web leads to newspapers and magazines becoming kind of useless.

Movie Theaters

Why do people think that lazing about in their beds watching a movie on a tiny phone by themselves is more fun than hanging out with friends, sitting in comfy seats and eating popcorn while watching a movie on a large screen with amazing loud sounds at the theater?

why on earth would people want to lay on their bed watch a movie on a tiny phone or watch it on a computer on their lap which is uncomfy by themselves. Instead of hang out with friends sitting in comfy seats and watching a movie on the biggest screen they might ever see. Sure you get to bring your own snacks whatever you want without paying stuff or ticket or get in trouble but remember what I said.

Na. Most people go to the theaters for the setting. It's like a restaurant. Before Covid I personally still went to the movies with friends and family. Albeit not as much as when I was a kid, but I still went. The feeling you get at the movies will never go away in my opinion.

Easy use firestick be on comfy bed no tall people blocking get to bring snacks any snack even snacks that they never had do it. No need to pay for ticket.


Much like newspapers, magazines may soon be a thing of the past. You can easily access what you want from the magazines online, plus with people being more cautious about the environment, they might not want to cut down trees for paper.

I know that because my favorite magazine Sports Illustrated issues are now once every month. Back in 1990, it used to be once every week so was TV Guide.
It's Joeysworld.

I just read online articles and I pretty much only see magazines at the doctor's office or other place where you have to wait. Even then, there’s seemingly fewer and fewer.

Nothing that can't be found on the internet for less money!


NOOOO! I like DVDs! With DVDs, you can watch the movies where ever you want with portable DVD players, with streaming, you have to hope your Hotel has a Roku (or bring one, which is a pain) and then sign in and then verify your account via E-mail just to watch a movie. DVDs ain't going nowhere.

No I don't want physical media blu ray DVD game discs 4k you ray to go physical media means you actually own it and the media isn't locked behind a vault or a online paywall. Also very great for collecting

I just ordered six dvds today for christmas, all disney movies, my husband and I love disney movies.

I can definitely see this being true

TV Remotes

Actually, LESS TVs have the built-in buttons now then they did in 2000-2014 (am I the only one who remembers when TVs had built-in buttons for the remote?). And using a smart phone as a remote would be problematic, what about kids who are too young to have smart phones and want to watch TV or even teenagers who's parents just don't want them to have a smart phone? Use the parent's phone? Please, my parents almost never let me use their smart phones (I only have a flip-phone now) so watching TV would be impossible for me!

While we’re at it, TV remotes may be on their way outta here as well. Soon you’ll be able to use your phone or something like Google Home to control the TV and other appliances in your house. So if you don’t know what half the buttons do on your remote, then don’t worry.

True, less TVs have built in buttons, really, the only TV in my house that has built in buttons is my hand-me-down (flat-screen) TV from like 2009 or something

Na. Literally I've never heard of not having a TV Remote.

Checks / Cash

If you don’t know how to write a check, you might be in luck actually. It seems they’re on their way out since Venmo and other cash transfer apps exist and most businesses have a direct deposit option. And while we’re at it, cash is going out as well. It won’t be completely eliminated, but it will be more common for you to use credit or your phone to pay.

Not everyone who caries cash has a credit card, or even a smart phone.

A lot of people just don't trust paying through phone.

I still carry cash but I use mostly online banking and Venmo

School Uniforms

I get that uniforms reduce bullying (at least comments on clothes). But are they really necessary?

Imagine wearing clothes to school, I go to school fully naked.

I used to go a Catholic private school, CubsFan16, and you are right, we did have uniforms.

My middle school doesn't have student uniforms.


We already have Uber and Lyft to offer rides for us. Plus they’re normally much nicer than typical taxis. And with self driving cars seemingly on the horizon, taxis may be a thing of the past.

I've only been in a Taxi once and I've never been in an Uber.

Why get a taxi when Uber exists?

At least Taxis are more trustworthy, unlike Ubers.


Yeah let’s go ahead and get rid of keys. I’m talking car keys and house keys. I mean already we have key cards and pretty soon I bet you can use your phone or there will be facial recognition technology making keys worthless.

Same sort of scenario with passwords, I would hate to see them going, but face recognition could work.

Don't use one for my house anymore, next vehicle will probably do without.

I still like keys because it's hacker proof and it's my fault if I lose them

The Newcomers

? Cars in Towns

Cars in town are awful.
1. They kill people by crashing
2. They kill people by poisoning the air
3. They kill the drivers because they get lazy and fat and eventually get a heart attack
4. They take place parking everywhere
I hope to be replaced by electric bikes and scooters which are more economical and don't have the 4 afore mentioned disadvantages.

You can't replace the gas-powered car until oil supplies runs out and even then we have dangerous electric cars which, when crashed, cause hazardous electrical fires.

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Let’s be honest, who likes memorizing a million different passwords? I know I don’t and soon we might not have to fingerprint or facial recognition technologies already exist. Don’t be surprised if this becomes the new normal.

people make a much bigger deals about passwords than there really is. plus add ons like last pass remembers your passwords so the only one you need is the one to open last pass.

People make too big of a deal in terms of passwords. Just deal with it. Plus you can recover your passwords pretty easily.

There are password managers for that, so I don't really think this will be gone in the next decade.


I hope not. I actually really like collecting CDs.

I have a lot of cd's, I really like to put on a good cd and get my house work done, it go's faster that way.

Long dead, even in 2010 these things were a non issue.

Who uses these?


If books disappear, these places might as well turn into internet cafes.

I doubt that. Physical books are just far better than any E-book.

I guess you could get books online.

Those books don't have to charge.

Music Albums

As much as I love Spotify, I still enjoy collecting Music Albums.

Again go spotify.

again I like a good cd.


Shut up, books are amazing. Yes I'm a modern teen (born in 2000's) and yes, I do my devices, but books are amazing. I'm expecting whoever put this here is most likely a gamer or a dropout or someone. #lovebooks

Just get an E-Book or Audiobook. Why learn from reading a book when you can watch it or listen to it instead? Plus Book printing is way more expensive than just getting an E-book. Comics should stay though but even they are on the net now

I will be most upset if this case happens, I hate the idea of having to read a book on a phone/computer (especially since I can't read stuff very well on a phone) and it's a reason I partially hate this huge rise in technology.

Noooooo I love reading. And not on a device. Yeah, I'm young, but that doesn't mean I only spend time staring at a screen. Is there anything more satisfying than old book smell? You don't get that with online books.

Business Trips

What the hell?


Covid-19 may force all workplaces online.

TV Stations

I love watching sports, I don’t want to see this go.

useless I hate sports.

sports? what about disney junior lmao

still useful for sports though.

Handshakes and Highfives

High-5s were fairly recent, being first notorized in the early-to-mid 80s

Then how would we greet people?

Wouldn’t be surprised if it stopped for the most part due to COVID

Fast Food Jobs

Job automation has the potential to wipe certain jobs, and McDonald's has tested robotic fryers in Phoenix. You can now order your food through a kiosk.

For those looking for a part time job while in High School or college fast food might be off the table. I know McDonald’s already has kiosks you can order from and it wouldn’t be hard to have robots clean dishes or flip burgers or make fries. Humans might not be outta the equation entirely in case you get unsatisfied customers, but it’s possible these jobs may be wiped out.

Fast food jobs is how some teenagers get work experience, so that would suck if the industry was taken over by bots.

No way am I letting a robot cook my food. Then again I don't eat fast food a lot. I like actual restaurants a lot more.

Plastic Straws

As much as I hate using paper straws and prefer plastic ones, paper ones are at least better environmentally.

paper straws suck is all I can say

they kill wildlife!


Advertisements are a vital tool for marketing and reaching out their customers. There is absolutely zero chance advertisements would be "eliminated"

AdBlockers might get stronger, add-ons like tampermonkey already make sure that websites cannot detect if you're blocking ads.

Ads are annoying! If you or a loved one have been hurt by an ad, you may be entitled to compensation!

Why? It’s how we promote, which in turn makes it easier to sell our products.

Public Schools

The heck is this doing on here? Online school sucks! Kids can cheat more easily, get distracted, and can look at memes on a different tab and not be noticed! The public school helps people focus better I speak from experience. In online school, I could not learn a thing but now that I'm back learning is so much easier and everything is clicking! One problem is that public schools sometimes indoctrinate students with politics and controversal views which should stop, that's my only complaint.

I'm doing online school right now, and I really don't like it. I love my school and seeing my friends. And what's the alternative? Private school? Yeah, not everyone is a billionaire. Keep public schools!

We need public schools because online schooling has proven to be terrible for multiple reasons. 1. Students can’t get the same type of help they need. 2. Students can easily get distracted. 3. Students can easily cheat. 4. Most importantly, students need the ability to socialize or else our future generations will have no idea how to talk and be extremely socially awkward.

Yes please! I don't want to risk getting a virus while also having to waste hours upon getting to school on a bus and breaks that could've been put to far better use if we could've been at home

In-Person Appointments

It doesn’t seem that weird even in a post COVID world for there to be virtual appointments

Personal Contact

more then it is now?

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