Top Ten Everyday Things That Tick People Off


The Top Ten

1 Slow Drivers
2 People Crapping In a Public Restroom and Not Flushing
3 People Talking Too Much

It's the worst feeling when they won't shut up. - Songsta41

4 Wimps Who Think They're Tough

This reminds me of my brother being sarcastic. - funnyuser

These people are harmless but annoying. - Songsta41

5 Dogs Stealing Your Cheeseburgers

This is why that I don't have a dog if I did it well be stealing cheese burgers off of your plate I would probably hate that

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6 Barking Dogs
7 Crunching Ice
8 Commercials

I mean, good for them but most of commercials are lame and the same thing and because of that they are starting to get really annoying - MaxPap

Not if it's a Geico commercial - bobbythebrony

9 Cops
10 Dull Pencils

Especially when your an artist -__-

The Contenders

11 Toilet Paper Facing the Wrong Way
12 Eraser Shaving
13 Bullies

This doesn't happen to everyone, but when it happens to someone it's really annoying. - MaxPap

14 Wet Socks
15 Losers Telling You They're Going to Kill You Then Running Off Crying Like a Baby
16 Internet Trolls

Whatever happened to people having a life? Who seriously has time to just sit and troll, and who has the excess energy? I know I sure don't. I personally think trolls have sad, tiny lives, and they probably don't have many friends in the real world.

17 Other People Humming
18 Getting Songs Stuck In Your Head

I just can't get "I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head" out of my head. - Britgirl

19 Annoying Fanbases

Guess what I mean? Pseudo adventure time fans! They throw mud at my waifu marceline every time they write a pseudofic, draw a pseudofanart or just appreciate one of these things! So please real adventure time fans avoid those works of "art" and "literature" I mentioned in "most annoying fan bases"...

20 A Cat Stealing Your Chicken Sandwich

This is so true. I have five cats (well six if you count the cat that went missing) and whenever I try to eat, they always stick their head in my food and sometimes steal it when I turn around. Especially my chicken sandwich or KFC! Life lesson: never eat food around your cat. - justanotheruser

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