Top Ten Evidences Pol Pot is Better Than Donald Trump

The Top Ten

1 Pot was better at killing people, Trump was weak.

These reasons are stupid. Pot killed thousands of people when Trump killed nobody. Trump is better than him for this reason alone.

Uhh what...? You're saying he's better because he killed people? While Trump didn't?!

Yes,I agree,Pol Pot killed 2 million people while Trump can't kill.Violence is the answer,screw freedom of expresion and screw other personal freedoms,.

Ok,I was being sarcastic but seriously both suck and both ruined their countries but Pol Pot is worse because he literally sent his country back to medieval era and he killed 2 million people.-LitSavage

2 Pot was a Buddhist, Trump is a Christian


3 Pol Pot had a cool accent, Trump has a terrible accent
4 Pot was pro choice, Trump is Pro Life.
5 Pol Pot stayed in power from 1963-1997, Trump will only get 4 years.

Pol Pot only stayed in power for 4 years, from 1975-1979

6 Trump was a talk show host, pol Pot had a more noble upbringing.
7 Pol Pot had a cooler name then Donald Trump.

"Donald Drumpf"?

8 Donald Trump is a liar, Pol Pot isn't.
9 Donald Trump is fat, Pol Pot isn't.

Both were.-LitSavage

10 Pol Pot is praised by the left, Donald Trump isn't.

The left praises mass murderers like Pot?


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