Top 10 Evidences Rock Isn't Dead

A lot of people claim Rock Music is dead I disagree.

The Top Ten

1 The genre is still being different than it once was but still intriguing in it's own right might not sound the same but it has the same soul.

Rock should never die - Mcgillacuddy

2 Rock has actually improved while Pop music has declined.

And people can like both genres of both.

This is quite true.

3 Rock music is far from over, and when the 90s ended it got reborn

Sorry but Boy bands and Girl Bands still existed in 2000-2009. So they weren't a 90s thing that came back in 2010s.

4 There are still bands that can make great lyrics.
5 The new bands haven't forgotten the soul of Rock N' Roll.
6 Live concerts are still kick-ass
7 Meaningful Rock songs that are actually good, ensure the genre isn't dead.
8 There are still some very unique bands just not as many.
9 Rock bands aren't getting screwed over as much as they were in the 80s-90s.
10 There are still bands that are rejuvenating Rock that aren't screamo bands.
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