Top 10 Best Evil Deltora Quest Characters

There are lots of evil creatures in deltora Quest. These are the best.

The Top Ten

1 Gorl

I love Gorl. He murdered both his brothers in order to be immortal. - Catlover2004

Gorl lived in the forest of silence and he killed Barda. I just think he looks cool. =^v^=

2 The Shadow Lord

I have no idea what he looks like but he is definitely clever. =^v^=

I question how the shadow lord is 3rd... HE BROUGHT ALL OF THE OTHER VILLIANS UPON DELTORA - CreamstripeOfButterClan

3 The Fear

Cavern of the fear. It was so dangerous before it died but I am glad it killed glock. =^v^=

4 Thaegan

Theagan was an evil sorcerer who lived in the lake of tears. She was killed by kree. =^v^=

I so agree with thaegan….. I HATE HER BUT LOVE HER AT THE SAME TIME - CreamstripeOfButterClan

5 The Guardian

His game was exciting and I also liked his "pets" -hate, greed, envy, and pride. =^v^=

6 Reeah

Reeah was ok apart from the name and the fact that all he ate was rats. He almost killed lief but was then killed by jasmine. =^v^=

7 Ols

It is cool how they can change form into different things but the grade 1 olls are a bit pathetic. =^v^=

8 Grey Guards

Grey guards are not even human. They have good weapons but they are a bit like animals. =^v^=

9 Glus

Glus is very dangerous and it never ended up dying. It is sort of good how it killed that pirate guy. I know it is ugly but it's colours and patterns are pretty. (Can't believe I just said that) =^v^=

10 Prandine

This is dude always carried with him a creepy vibe. That and a few other factors. However, I must say that there’s just something about this character that’s beyond interesting to me, based on the way he was portrayed in the anime and the books. I know he’s evil and whatever but still an interesting character overall.

The Contenders

11 Grippers

I know they are not exactly evil, they just need to eat but I like them. Please do not hate me for this but I sort of wanted barda to die. =^v^=

12 Gellick
13 Ichabod
14 Kirsten

Kirsten was the guardian of the sister of the north and was the masked one. They were lucky to escape.

15 Soldeen

He will haunt you

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