Most Evil Poptropica Villains

The Top Ten

1 Mordred/Binary Bard (Astro Knights Island)

This guy is really evil

It took me a full week just to beat the end boss battle

2 Zeus (Mythology Island)

Seriously, Zeus should be number one. I mean, he destroyed nearly all the islands!


3 Black Widow (Counterfeit Island)

Despite how bad she is, I have to admit the plot is great. Who would've suspected a background cop to be the main villain?!

4 Captain Crawfish (Skullduggery Island)
5 Director D (Spy Island)

HE WAS A TRAITOR! I BE LIKE - and that letter-don't trust director D. I be like WHA!

I Actually Made An MLP Custom Of Director D^_^

6 The Shogun (Red Dragon Island)
7 El Mustachio Grande (Wild West Island)
8 Dr Hare (24 Carrot Island)

Most of these villains aren't really that extreme... Where as Dr.Hare has plans to take over the world. I think Dr.Hare is by far the most evil.

9 Gretchen Grimlock (Cryptids Island)
10 Mademoiselle Moreau (Mystery Train Island)

The Contenders

11 Ringmaster Raven (Monster Carnival)
12 Medusa (Mythology Island)
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