Top 10 Evil Things Schools Do

I'm making a list of things that turns school into a heartless monster. This is like a building of misery. It treats you like your slave robot. SO I'm making a list of things that this cruel place has done to all of us!
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1 Give Homework

Don't you hate getting home from school only to have to do work in your own home and sacrifice your free time or get a failing grade?

Don't do homework. The more you obey the school the more power they have over you. They want to milk you like a cow, just don't give them it then eventually they will give up.

Homework = School at home. Teachers are literally trying to make school even longer by giving work to do at home. Every day. Enogh Said.

I have no issues with a little bit of homework but a lot of schools sadly just go overboard. I've had countless nights where I've been up until two in the morning doing homework and even in college, one class gives me so much that I don't get time to revise for tests in my other classes. It's insanity!

2 Not Do Anything About Bullies

Well, those bullies get to do all the beating and smashing, and we get to either watch in horror or be targeted by those dumb insensitive idiots. And because our teachers are never there and they'll never notice what needs to be noticed, the bullies get to enjoy their day. More than half the time teachers will only care about tests and homework and stuff. Message to teachers: We respect yo and expect protection from you. It is your duty to obseve what everyone does at school on their free time and take action accordingly.

Exactly! A girl was picking on me once and the teacher said to ignore her and not do anything about it! Like that's not gonna stop her from picking on me!

I hate bullies and my school does things about it I remember in 3rd and 4th grade my brother got bullied. I hated to see him trying to run away or cry every day until the bully moved to another school and when my brothers teacher said that he moved everyone scearmed YAAA! I could here that scram from my class at the end of the hallway see when see him in the streets we say hi for some reason I don't know why

I am a schoolboy and I get bullied all the time and the teachers do nothing about it! Once people were hurting me and I defended myself and guess what happened! I got suspended and the bullies didn't get in trouble at all.

3 Give Tests

There needs to be some metric to prove you actually know the material, right?

This is stupid, they have to! Its obvious they have to! Its not to bad anyways!

Even if you do your homework and study hard, if you screw the test up you fail.

4 Not Allow Fun Devices

I believe that there should be an e-learning system where students use their ipad to learn instead of books. This is done in my school.

You're not allowed those at work.

5 Provide Slow Computers

Yup. Most of my school computers have 2GB RAM, which isn't very good for 2017's standards. We're using outdated computers that were manufactured in the late 2000's. However, the music tech computers have 8GB RAM (for Cubase), so they run more nicely. However, as I've mentioned before, I've seen one computer with just 1GB; it's horrible.

Back when I was at primary school, the computers were even slower and older, lol.

When I first started school, the computers took like ten minutes just to load the Google home page - shocking even for 2003!

I hope you can still visit TheTopTens without any inconvenience.

6 Only Allow You to Drink Water

That's why I sneak soda or juice into a nontransparent metal water bottle. You don't know what I'm drinking, it could be water, soda, juice or alcohol, and my teachers would never know.

Well, it is healthy, but the fact that it's everywhere is annoying. At least give out 1% milk, too!

But I wanted to drink a tea...also there are people who need electrolytes sometimes

Soda is junk anyway, and it contributes to diabetes.

7 Block Out the Sun

Yes! They block out a beautiful day and make the whole day miserable and dark and depressing. YOU!

Why does God allow schools with no outside and disgusting cafeterias ?

Kids need sun. Not a dark gloomy room.

I had no sun in math

8 Have a Disgusting Cafeteria

I know right? My school has some big red chairs, you know kind of like the elementary school ones, and some of the chairs have some white stuff on them. I don't know if its paint or something, or cleaning material, but it is disgusting. Some kids won't even bother to clean up their trash!

This isn't always the school's fault - even if the cleaners work pretty hard, sometimes there's just too many dirty pigs who leave a mess in there. They ought to replace the dolls' house tables though.

The foods cafeterias give us are cheep and disgusting.

9 Not Allow Animals

What, you want to have dogs and cats running around the place. Erm, no thanks. I'd tolerate cats cause they're awesome but mine always sits on my work

I would like to bring them if not always then only to biology classes

10 Give MCAs

Good morning <insert name of your school here> this is your principal speaking. First we'll do the pledge of allegiance and it is required every day. Then we talk about a bunch of clubs that you're not interested in. Have a good day!

Hate those announcements...

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11 Hire Mean Teacher

I can't count the amount of times I've been bullied by a teacher. My first mean teacher was in 5th grade, then I had a mean body shaming gym teacher in 7th grade, and I have a mean 10th grade teacher who doesn't allow crying or shyness in his class.

My high school special ed teacher is eviler than mean. She is racist to Asians (I'm the only Asian in the class and I end up in trouble for no reason the most) and overreacts on everything.

I'm surprised that the school still hasn't fired her...

Not to mention "can't teach". It would be a splendid idea to have a hidden camera in the class so people would know how mean teacher can get.

I don't blame the teachers for being mean tough, the school system sucks.

12 Make You Do Hard Work

Having a good natural ability is a better option over hard work.

Because hard work is a sin?

13 Make You Carry Heavy Books

It's like my school wants me to have shoulder/back problems. I'm in 10th grade, am 5 feet tall and 90 pounds (I have a fast metabolism), so it really doesn't make sense for me to be carrying a backpack that feels like I'm carrying around bricks all day. I pack as lightly as I can (3 subject notebook, binder, HW folder, computer, and pencils/pens), and yet my backpack is still heavy. My school doesn't even have lockers. :'(

I got a slight posture issue because of this. My mom says it's because of my computer usage, but it's really because of all the heavy books I had to carry in school. I had to carry 4-5 textbooks home EVERY SINGLE DAY (including weekends) in middle school and also high school. Also my mom wouldn't buy me those rolling backpacks and some schools ban them!

I use an iPad and my bag is still heavy as hell, I feel sorry for everyone with heavy textbooks. And I use a bag that I drag on the ground so I don't get a sore back. But that gets me picked on! There is no escape.

I am in 4th grade and I have to lug around my books every DAY to different classes! On top of that, most of the time it takes 10 minutes to even turn a corner! What the heck teachers?

14 Lock Up Special Ed Kids

Some schools have these things called "scream rooms" for special ed kids. When a kid gets out of control and starts screaming the teachers put the kid in there for hours. The kids usually were so traumatized that they ended up peeing and pooping themselves and even vomiting everywhere.

In conclusion: schools are prisons, teachers are guards, kids are criminals, and these rooms are solitary confinement cells.

15 Give Detention

You forget a bit of work. Then, you get tortured for an hour. Then, you have to go home alone, nobody else you know. As well as that, 2 days out of 5, I have swimming or tuition, and I miss it. Teachers have no penalty for not doing work.

I cried throughout the yelling in detention class!

Can't learn a lesson from detention.

16 Force You to Learn a Language You Don't Like

Chances are that if you learn german, you still need to look up google translate whenever you see something german. No, I'm not joking. This probably has happened to adults.

17 Get You in Trouble Instead of the Bullies

This happened in 4th grade. I got in trouble because some kid falsely accused me of scratching him (for the record, I didn't) and nobody listened to me when I told them my side of the story. They thought I was the one lying when I was clearly having a panic attack over being accused of something I never did.

OMG once in third grade some idiot pushed over a little girl and laughed at her, I got blamed for the entire thing even though I was on the other side of the playground. I didn't know anything about this until we got inside. Mrs.Bell is the worst teacher in the history of ever.

I got abused by some girl in third grade. I shoved her into the school fountain. I got told off by like 5 teachers. One even tried to suggest that I was expelled because I tried to kill her.

My first grade teacher did this. An Asian boy kept taunting me, so I beat him up. He gets coddled, and I got in trouble for self defense

18 Ban Hats

There's an assistant principal who confiscated my hat a few months ago. Nobody else cared about the hat. Curse you school!

Once I had a bad hair day and my teacher said I HAD to take off my hat.

It's so stupid that they ban hats. There's really NO good reason why that do that

I don't even get the point of it.

19 Stress Out Kids

I think that this is very true.

20 Not Remove Gum Under Desks

I think that the custodian should remove it. But only with sanitary gloves. Buts it's really not the schools fault for the gum. People should really stop doing it. But if they don't I think that it's in the custodians job description to remove it.

Why the hell do they not remove it all? It's disgusting and unhygenic.

It's as if they want us all to catch diseases...

21 Make Grades Easy to Loose and Hard to Get
22 Ban Music
23 Have Favoritism

This sucks. Many teachers actually like the bullies the best.

I was one of my English teacher's favorites. I still hated it.

24 Don't Give Freedom
25 Allows Unionized Teachers to Not Be Fired

I deeply agree. The same thing happens in Human Geography.

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