Top 10 Most Evil WrestleManias of All Time

Got the idea from an old WWE magazine where they featured the 5 most evil Mania's ever, the WrestleManias that that teemed with the most treachery.

The Top Ten

1 WrestleMania XXVII

What made it so evil?
*Cody Rhodes stealing the win over Rey Mysterio
*Michael Cole beating Jerry Lawler

*Triple H beating the Undertaker within an inch of his life to the point where he was carried out of the arena on a cart
*Snookie is victorious enough said
*Cena vs Miz match ends in a double count out only for the Rock to come out restarting the match and screwing over Cena allowing Miz to retain - egnomac

2 Wrestlemania 29

What made it so evil: The Rock vs Cena II a rematch that literally nobody wanted to see, plus CM Punk again is left out of the main event picture, Chris Jericho losing to Fandango & Ryback losing to Mark Henry after getting him up in the shellshock only for Henry to fall on top of him for the win. - egnomac

3 WrestleMania IX

Undertaker winning by DQ to The Giant Gonzalez, Bret Hart losing to Yokozuna after Fuji blinded him with salt and Hulk Hogan coming out to steal Bret's spotlight and beat Yokozuna for the title in seconds. - egnomac

4 Wrestlemania 34

What Made it so evil?
Asuka's streak came to an end at the hands of Charlotte
Jinder Mahal wins the united States Championship
Braun Strowman wins the Raw Tag Team Titles with a kid from the crowd
Undertaker squashes John Cena
Shinsukae Nakamura low blowing AJ Styles after their title match
Brock Lesnar retains the Universal Title - egnomac

5 Wrestlemania 32

What made it so evil?
*Dean Ambroes vs Brock Lesnar match being half assed, they literally had to make up everything on the fly as Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman shot down all of Dean Ambroes ides for the match
*Shane loses to Undertaker but still gains control of RAW of the next four RAW shows and eventually SmackDown making the whole stipulation match inside Hell in a cell entirely pointless
*Roman Reigns vs Triple H being the most boring main event in WrestleMania history, Roman won the match and the WWE continued to mute out a lot of the boo's he received. - egnomac

6 Wrestlemania XXX

This WrestleMania was evil for one major reason it was the night Brock Lesnar ended the Undertakers undefeated streak. - egnomac

7 Wrestlemania 33

What Made it so evil?
Brock Lesnar winning the Universal title, no matter who won everybody loses as the title is still held by a part timer as Lesnar would go on to hold the title hostage barely defending it
Roman Reigns beats the Undertaker - egnomac

8 Wrestlemania XXVI

What Made it so Evil?
*Jack Swagger winning The Money in the Bank ladder match which led to a very mediocre title run
*Mr. McMahon attempting to buy out Bret Hart's family
*Chris Jericho retaining the title against Edge after hitting him with the tile followed by a code breaker
*Vickie Guerrero getting the pinfall in the divas match
*Shawn Michaels retires - egnomac

9 Wrestlemania 28

What made it so evil?
*Daneil Bryan losing the world title in mere seconds to Sheamus via a broekick
*John Laurinaites team winning and becoming the sole general manager of both RAW and SmackDown
*Zach Ryder getting low blowed by Eve Torres humiliating the superstar even further then he already was after being destroyed by Kane earlier in the year
*John Cena loses to The Rock, not really evil but it was still a full timer losing to a part timer - egnomac

10 Wrestlemania 31

What made it so evil:
Triple H burying the WCW icon Sting in his WrestleMania debut
John Cena burying Rusev
Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the bank contract during the main event to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which was the real highlight of the match - egnomac

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